Oct 1, 2012

What's with the turning lanes at Ohio 4 and Strub Road?

Dear Mailbag, I was wondering if the project at Route 4 and Strub Road is finished. If it is, I think they put the turn lanes on the wrong road! — Fred in Bellevue

I answered a similar Mailbag question earlier this summer. The topic has come up in a few more questions since then, so I thought it was worth another mention. The improvements to the Strub Road/Ohio 4 intersection are not yet complete. Turning lanes were installed this year on Strub Road, but the project to install turning lanes on Ohio 4 won't be complete until 2014. Erie County officials have about $1.6 million in grant money to make the improvements to the Ohio 4 part of the intersection. The additional updates to the intersection will include a more advanced traffic light. 

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Eph 2 8-10

They should have addressed Route 4 first! But hey, that's the way politicians see things......


Yes that is it..the politicians...

Route 4 is a state route, therefore the state is probably paying for it to be improved which is why it is not done yet. Perkins decided to take care of the Strub road part this year.

Why not blame it on NOMS for building on a crappy corner? Its always the people you vote into office fault tho right?