Sep 28, 2012

Will Mitt Romney visit Sandusky?

Will the Republican who is running for president be visiting Sandusky before the election? — Sean from Sandusky

Thus far, we haven't heard anything about Mitt Romney planning to visit Sandusky. Like we do every presidential election year, we reached out to both candidates (and by reached out, I mean we pestered the bejeezus out of their campaign staffs) inviting them to visit Sandusky starting in January. In 2008, John McCain visited the Washington Park gazebo before the election and this year we had President Barack Obama stop by the same stumping location in July. Each time we were given only a few days notice to get ready. So, even though we haven't heard about a Romney visit, it's still possible in the next five or so weeks before the election he will announce a campaign stop. Ohio is an important battleground state and both candidates seem to be covering a lot of ground. If you're passionate about seeing Romney campaign in Sandusky, don't underestimate the power of persistence. Call or email the local Republican party folks and the national campaign and tell them you'd like to see the candidate visit your hometown.

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Will the SEIU pay people to protest if he does?

And will they get 1099's for it?


No, Pete....all the area coal mines will close for the day and tell the employees attendance at the Romney rally is mandatory.


So many unions to slam, don't have time to proof-read............




Will Mitt the Twit Viz-it? I don't know Sam. I am. Not interested.

the office cat

What would be the advantage to the Ryan - oooops - Romney campaign? It didn't seem to help McCain...


Who cares? I will be voting next week.


Mitt might as well visit all the vacation destinations possible while he's still traveling on donors' money. Soon he'll have to look for work.

I wonder if he will bring his dog on top of the bus?


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Swamp Fox

Obbie loved Sandusky, where else can you find this much government housing.

If Romney does visit Sandusky I suggest a weekend event so his supporters do not have to miss work, something the typical Obbie supporters do not have to worry about.


i like this post!

The Big Dog's back

Ahh yes pete, always the negative.

The New World Czar

If Romney visits Sandusky, I hope it is a weekend or evening stop so people who actually work for a living can go and see him.

dorothy gale

Why would anyone who actually WORKS for a living want to see Romney? That twit hasn't done an honest day's work in his life!


Who cares? Obama is ahead 10 points in Ohio, and will get over 300 Electoral votes and win re-election. Mittens can go back to the Country Club.


You better hope Mitt gets elected or you will be wearing a towel on your head in a couple years.You obviously aren't a Christian and probably a draft dodger !



Swamp Fox

44846WP, more class envy with the country club comment, don't plan you victory celebration yet, Carter was up by 12 points in 1979 on October 1st and the polls were not as biased for the democrappers back then.....
I'm of the belief that traditional polls do not capture the energy behind campaigns. Here we can see that despite the Left's narrative in the Buckeye State, conservatives seem to be more proactive about doing something during this campaign.

I don't blame the liberals, must be hard to get excited about having to support failure.


Gas is out of control. National debt is out of control. The jobless rate is out of control. The U.S. Dollar is plumetting out of control. Not to mention the amount of people on welfare. Yep Barry is definately doing our country good. All you Obama supporters are either the dumbest people alive, or the smartest. You're only gonna be the smartest if He lets you be slaves instead of killing you after communism takes over. My money says that in 3 years, you will see all the welfare recipients get killed in masses. This is how they intend to balance the population. I'll just keep working and paying taxes like a GOOD American so you all can have your Obama phones. SMDH


Your rants are crazy, and too far out to reply further.


Rick, ya better hope ya never get sick or injured that leaves you unable to work.

The Big Dog's back

Let's see, when bush left office we were losing 800,000 jobs a month, the Dow was in the toilet, America's image abroad was at a all time low, nope, we aren't doing any better. 5 million new jobs in the last 3 years, Dow at an all time high, people around the world love America again.


LOL! People around the world love america again! Thats hilarious, Watch the news sometime. The actual news, Not that MSNBC, Bill Maher,Comedy central crap. You know the channels where they shot them burning our embassy's, Sodomizing our ambassators,Killing soldiers ect ect. Try it somtime.


The dog better go back to his kennel.Clinton started this mess with everyone gets a house even if they have no money.Bozo has made more debt than all the presidents from Washington to him.Now he has 2 bridges being built by Chinese Co, one being repaired and a Interstate in Texas being built by the Chinese,he bought wind turbine blades from China,poured billions into defunk Green Energy Companies,yea he knows how to stand up to China alright.We are as tax payers 25% owners of Government Motors and we now have more production in China than here. That might be good seeing we built the Volt at $90,000 and are selling it for $45,000.You seniors must be insane,he cut Medicare 750 billion and in 2014 Neurosurgeons will not get approval from Medicare for brain tumors for anyone over 70,but you will get Comfort Care.Insurance Companies have already increased their premium for 2013.I know this is a waste of time, because you can't argue with a Lib,they have had more practice at stupidity,but I feel better !


There is pretty reliable intel now that the WMD's were trucked from Iraq to Pakistan prior to our invasion.In 50 years the real story will be public knowledge.The even worse part is they are in a country that has nuclear weapons. !


Oh really?
Pretty reliable intel?
From who? The GOP?

Swamp Fox

big dog get your facts straight, there are 300,000 less Americans working than when Obbie took office according to the Labor Department, unemployment was 7.2% when the messiah took office since then it has not been below 8.1% in spite of the largest non military stimulus in history, gas at its highest price for any extended period in our history, the largest debt in history by any U.S. president, increase tax on the middle class because of Obbiecare, America losing long time allies because of a president who only blames the U.S. for terrorism. What people around the world loves us, Syria, Libya, Egypt,Sudan the list goes on, I guess they show their love by killing out diplomats, sacking our embassies and burning our flag.

The Big Dog's back

As if to pile on to what may be the worst two week period a presidential campaign has ever suffered, Governor Mitt Romney has now lost one of the campaign’s key narratives.

Romney can no longer claim that President Obama’s first term in office has resulted in a loss of jobs.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is out with its annual update to benchmark unemployment numbers (for the more cynical among you, the BLS does this every fall so this is not a number being ‘timed’ for the election), and the numbers reveal that 386,000 more non-farm jobs were actually created between March, 2011 and April 2012 than what had been originally reported.

The figures represent a variance from the previous data of 0.3 which sits right at the norm for annual benchmark adjustments which are typically up or down by 0.3 percent.

As a result of the revision, the Obama administration can now claim a net job increase of 125,000 rather than what had previously been believed to be a net loss of 261,000 jobs.

While this may not seem like a lot of jobs to show for the first four years of the Obama presidency, it must be remembered that an astonishing 4.316 million jobs were lost in the first 13 months of the Obama presidency—including 800,000 lost in the first month along—creating a hole that was virtually impossible to climb out of in four short years. The turn-around is not only something of a marvel but puts a significant crimp in the argument for a Romney presidency.

Once again boys you are a dollar short and a day late.


Look up how much each one of those jobs created cost. Interesting number. When they completly destroy the currency by monetizing it will those jobs actually be worth going to? 16 trillion and climbing.


Good deal on Chevy Volts,they cost around $100,000 to produce and we as taxpayers, owning 25% of Government Motors, are selling them for around $45,000.
let's hope Bozo is driving one in 2013.He might have to go to China to get it.We have more production over there now!