Sep 26, 2012

What used to be in the Red Lobster?

I have been trying to find the names of two places here in Sandusky's past. What was the name of the restaurant that was in the location now held by Red Lobster?  What was the name of the small drive-thru restaurant that was in the Sandusky Plaza before the drugstore was built?  I believe it began as a one-hour photo place.  Thanks. — Dan in Perkins

Well, I have half an answer for you Dan. I'm hoping another reader will be able to help you out with the other half. The location currently occupied by Red Lobster used to house a locally owned restaurant called The Market. As for the drive-thru in Sandusky Plaza, you've got everyone here stumped. There used to be an A & W Rootbeer just east of Sandusky Plaza on Cleveland Road, but nobody can remember a drive-thru in the plaza. If anyone knows the answer, please shout it out in the comment section.

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Quickie Burger?


I think it was a Rallys.

4-wheeler al

what about that hot dogs stand by the plaza

4-wheeler al

rallys was there torn down right after it built


It WASN'T a Rallys it was a QUICKI-E BURGER, they had good fries!

Good 2 B Me

How about Delesandros(SP?) that used to be where the old Perkins Township Hall was. Anyone remember that?


I loved that store


It was definitely Quickie Burger


fast, cheap, Good!!


Ries vending had a drive thru before the drugstore was built


Yes, it was not Ries Vending that had the drive thru, it was Ed Ries and it was Quicky Burger!!


Wasnt it a fish sandwich shop for a while.


Was it a Burger Chief or a Bonanza Steak house before it was The Market? I know The Market was not the first use of that building. Does the Register have access to old city directories? Maybe you could discover what the business there was using one of those.

Also, I remember another The Market in Toledo. Was that also a chain?


The drive thru where Rite Aid now sits was built as a Quicky Burger. When they went under a gyro place moved in (name escapes me). After them I think some incarnation of DeMore's went in. Then it was razed and Rite Aid built.


The gyro drive through was simply called, "The Gyro House."

Home Town

I think the drive throgh was by the plaza , and it was called Ronnies Beer Dock . And if I'am not mistaken I think it was the first drive through ever built in the USA .


Who misses the Plum Nilly?