Sep 25, 2012

When will the Camp Street underpass get fixed?

I'm just wondering if/when the Camp Street underpass is ever going to be remodeled. Both the Columbus Avenue and Hayes Avenue underpasses have been fixed and updated and I think it's way overdue to fix up the Camp Street underpass — it looks like it's going to crumble apart and fall down! It appears very unsafe and I don't feel comfortable going under it any longer. Please let me and the rest of the west-enders know what you find out. Thank you. — Bobbi on W. Monroe Street

Camp Street underpass is on schedule for updates — but not until the 2014 fiscal year (July 2013 - June 2014). The county has the project listed among about a dozen road and bridge projects it wants to complete through 2018. The county's Metropolitan Planning Organization lists the underpass rehabilitation at $1.6 million, though a story in today's register about the county road and bridge projects indicates the requested funds are typically 80 percent of the final project costs. That's becuase the planning organization tries to get the remaining costs picked up by the municipality where the project is located — in this case, the city of Sandusky. Sandusky has already secured the remaining $400,000 through a state grant. The project will take about seven months to complete.

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Native Sanduskian

Dear Bobbi,
You have been seriously misguided on priorities of City Government. I mean, this infrastructure stuff IS stuff that has to be done, but you have to admit, it's pretty boring. City Government was FAR TOO BUSY this past year with trying to tell people what they could do with their PRIVATE property to worry about all that public works stuff! Why, those "scoundrels" who rented their PRIVATE PROPERTY to tourists had to be dealt with! You see Bobbi, when local government makes "law" that squarely is in conflict with the U.S. Constitution, the SECOND they act on it, it's straight-out null and void....and they HATE this! But that NEVER stops a local bunch of Good 'Ole Boy Boss Hogg fellas from giving it a shot, kind of like that city government in ANOTHER Ohio town that tried to use "Eminent Domain" to throw home owners off their private property to build a shopping mall!
You see Bobbi, YOUR priorities of trying to negotiate your you way to and from work and the grocery store without having rust and concrete fall onto your head just aren't priority in the Bigger Boss Hogg Local Government scheme of things! You need to consider traveling to the other side of town by either heading down to Castalia and then up and over, or why not take the Scenic North Route heading via Toledo-Detroit-Windsor-Kitchner-London-Buffalo-Cleveland-Huron? Either of these routes to get from the West end to the East End of Sandusky should be considered as "mere inconveniences" for you and yours until they get around to fixing that Camp Street Underpass....(P.S. don't forget your passport and steer Port Clinton a Wide Berth, trying to look VERY AMERICAN on your way back to West Monroe Street.)

Me and Only Me

It looks more to me that the city has decided the west end is, in their eyes, trashy anyway and they don't see the need to try to improve it any. Well, I live in the west end and have for over 60 years! I still love it here and if the city doesn't help with improvements it makes a lot of the residents not care much either. There are condemned houses here that have been left to rot away for years instead of anyone doing anything about it. This is still a good place to live and the city seems to ignore us all. We want to have good neighborhoods too! So sorry we don't appear as deserving as the east side of town! By the time they actually fix the Camp St. underpass no one will feel safe going under it!


I thought the City was in Phase 2 of a 4 phase complete renovation to Lion's Park? Last time I checked, that's on the west end of town.


The city hasn't learned when it comes to rating projects what projects must come first. Infrastructure should be top priority. It is a no brainer.