3:36 PM Nov 15, 2013
Results of the lie detector tests taken by witnesses are revealed.
5:36 PM Nov 15, 2013
The family reacts to the second day of the Dr. Phil program.
6:20 PM Nov 14, 2013
The family reacts to the first day of the Dr. Phil program while watching at the Village Pizza House in Castalia.
1:50 PM Nov 14, 2013
'Jacob, why are you doing this to me? Why?' Witnesses go public for the first time — first — here at sanduskyregister.com
7:09 AM Nov 11, 2013
No judge just jurors with Ohio Attorney General prosecutors asking the questions
10:23 AM Nov 9, 2013
Limberios programs will be available for demand viewing at sanduskyregister.com Thursday and Friday
4:15 PM Nov 19, 2013
Jacob's girlfriend, Kayleigh Bowers, on witness stand
9:03 AM Nov 3, 2013
Justice for Jake asks why Limberios death wasn't properly investigated
7:15 AM Oct 30, 2013
In undated court order, judge declares all documents, including his order and all subpoenas, be kept sealed
7:47 AM Oct 29, 2013
Grand jury will be sworn to secrecy.
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