Environmental groups, state regulators and political leaders have been trying to stop the dumping of sediment in Lake Erie since the 1980s.
Two iconic lakefront properties in Ottawa County received some financial aid for some sprucing up right before tourist season kicks into high gear.
Senate Bill 150 will require training to become law soon
A family member called the U.S. Coast Guard at about 2 a.m. Thursday because the group failed to return from the fishing trip, authorities said.

You should have interviewed more captains before you ran this article. (Charter boat captain: Lake Erie in poor condition, Reader Forum, April 15). (Lake Erie) is not as good as it once was but it is still pretty good.

Markets were struggling to fill orders before the eight-day celebration began Monday evening.
I’ve lived on Catawba Island since 1960, fished most of those years, received my Charter Captains License in 1980 and started in earnest of catching walleyes and small mouth bass.
A boat capsized Sunday morning sending five people into the cold, choppy waters of Lake Erie.
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