10:12 AM Jul 24, 2014
Justice for Jake wants U.S. Justice Department to review complaint against DeWine
9:20 AM Jun 28, 2014
Mike DeWine has become a reluctant warrior — at best —during the four years he's served as Ohio Attorney General. His slow reaction to the potential destruction of data on city of Fremont computers is the latest case in point. 
7:30 AM Jun 21, 2014

For a movement to gain any traction, it must have support. 

10:35 AM May 30, 2014
Dueling spokespeople for governor, opponent, explain why candidates aren't commenting
7:18 AM May 22, 2014

It's likely Sandusky County Coroner John Wukie knows it.

It's apparent Ohio Attorny General Mike DeWine does.

DeWine's Bureau of Criminal Investigation special agent Charlie Snyder has it.

7:04 AM May 22, 2014
Tell us what you think
5:30 AM May 18, 2014

The list gets longer.

•Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard, chief Deputy Ted Patrick.

•Ottawa County Prosecutor Mark Mulligan.

2:00 PM May 18, 2014
Woman contends police gave free pass to man who raped her
1:29 PM May 16, 2014
No comment on family protests
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