Huron city manager hopes for funds to measure government efficiency.
12:01 PM Oct 11, 2013
Small creatures not a threat. (Updated with video)
11:55 AM Oct 10, 2013
Erie County housing stock getting older.
6:06 PM Oct 8, 2013
Commission is investigating the business practices of two Huron school board members, according to documents the Register obtained this past week.
3:00 PM Oct 6, 2013
What to do if you find yourself short of cash? For a 23-year-old Vermilion man, the alleged answer was “steal from grandma.”
11:33 AM Oct 3, 2013
Two men receive multiple charges for string of car entries, thefts.
10:29 AM Oct 3, 2013
Huron Schools has opted not to pay almost $8,000 for retroactive insurance coverage, a routine option its former insurer offers all departing clients.
1:04 PM Oct 2, 2013
May 13, 1923 - Sep 25, 2013

Marion Metzger, 90, of Huron, died Wednesday, Sept 25, 2013, in Portland House, Sandusky, after being ill with Alzheimer’s dementia.

3:31 PM Sep 27, 2013
ConAgra property redevelopment continues with pathway along Huron River shoreline.
1:14 PM Sep 24, 2013
On Sept. 14, a Saturday morning, I worked one hour for God. Afterward, I had to go cover an assignment where zombies attacked runners.
3:40 PM Sep 23, 2013


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