5:50 PM May 2, 2014
Huron Schools is now accepting open enrollment applications, according to a news release
9:33 AM Apr 30, 2014
District awarded for clean financial audit
3:33 PM Apr 28, 2014

As a staff, we at Shawnee Elementary School would like to thank the Huron Community, Sandusky Catholic Schools, Panera, Huron Parent Organization, Stein Hospice, Mr. Muratori, Mr.

1:33 PM Apr 28, 2014
Elementary school whittling down list of principal candidates (Updated with resumes/cover letters)
4:33 PM Apr 22, 2014
...where no ant has gone before
4:08 PM Apr 21, 2014

Earlier this year, NASA and Stanford University sent ants where no insect has gone before — the depths of outer space, to the International Space Station. 

6:27 AM Apr 20, 2014
Huron school board members have scheduled two closed-door meetings for next week.
11:29 AM Apr 19, 2014
District showing its thanks for support
10:21 AM Apr 16, 2014
Board members approved the cuts at their meeting Tuesday, positioning the district to save about $680,000 a year.
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