5:40 AM Mar 7, 2014
Polyps could point to colon cancer Removing these usually benign growths can reduce your chances of developing colon cancer. Chances are you won't even know they're there, but if you have polyps in your colon, they almost always need to come out. That's because polyps, though usually harmless, can...
9:10 PM Mar 6, 2014
WOW! Six weeks have flown by already!!! All us FIT Challengers met this past Saturday for updated pictures and interviews. It was really great to see everyone and finally meet Tim Rotsinger. I am so proud of everyone's progress and seeing their smiling faces. We are doing so much in our own ways...
9:20 AM Mar 7, 2014
Nutrition is the best weapon to improve your scores
5:50 PM Mar 5, 2014
This hearty soup will make a great meal with a salad. It has a little bit of southwestern flavor with the cumin, red pepper flakes and lime juice. You could easily do chicken instead of turkey or turn it into a vegan dish with using vegetable broth and beans instead of the turkey. Turkey &...
5:30 AM Mar 6, 2014
Everything is going well. I beat my goal of 30 pounds. That goal was set for the middle of March, but I hit that goal the last week of February so that made me feel really good. I have been working out by myself for one hour after I get off work. When I not with Ken Cutcher of Anytime Fitness in...
10:00 AM Mar 4, 2014
FDA labels try to predict that
4:30 PM Mar 4, 2014
It is never a bad idea to add more veggies
7:20 AM Mar 5, 2014
"You can not change the people around you, but you can change the people that you choose to be around." Unknown When I signed up for this challenge, I knew it was going to be hard. I knew there was going to be a lot of pain, sweat, tears and the potential for blood and pain, too. However, I also...
5:20 PM Mar 3, 2014
Zumba offers great cardio for young and old
10:20 PM Mar 2, 2014
Meds sometimes cause irreversible harm
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