1:40 PM Jun 18, 2014
Add some roasted red peppers and crumbled feta, and you have a Middle Eastern meal
5:50 AM Jun 19, 2014
Trina is doing amazing. I'm so proud of her and the bridges that she has crossed through our journey these past five months.    FIT Challenger Trina Crosland hasn't missed a day or given up on any part of our workouts. She is stronger mentally and physically.    She is starting to see the...
11:00 AM Jun 13, 2014
The Stein Hospice 5k is Saturday, June 21 at the Sandusky Bay Pavilion. If you register online today it is only $20 for the race and you get a shirt. Everyone wants to win a medal, but a shirt can be just as nice. This is a fun race for a great cause and teams of five or more runners can compete...
8:20 PM Jun 13, 2014
Slow and steady.  That's how this past week has gone.  I got to enjoy the weather and work out with Hannah Riley of the Norwalk Rec. We went outside and did a little more tire flipping up a hill.  I have been able to pick up my home daily workout ... got off track awhile, but I'm back on now.  Push...
8:20 AM Jun 14, 2014
The body is self-regulating to prevent stress and depression by making us crave salt
8:20 AM Jun 15, 2014
Busy as usual! And lots more to come this week. I made it to the gym again five times this past week. I had a night of TRX bands, in addition to a  few nights of tiring, but not stressful, treadmill workouts. I made it to spin class Thursday and some spin bike on my own throughout the week. On June...
4:20 PM Jun 13, 2014
The key is to use seasonings and marinades
1:10 PM Jun 14, 2014
Seafood is delicate and it doesn’t take long to overcook
12:00 PM Jun 6, 2014
“It’s an all-around educational approach.”
2:00 PM Jun 2, 2014
A: Some insurers might try to penalize you
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