4:40 PM Jun 27, 2014
I had my surgery on Friday for my meniscus. It went great; it took 45 minutes. I had side effects from the anesthesia that made me have a terrible headache. I am tired of not doing anything and just sitting here bored.   I go to see the doctor on Friday so he can take out the stitches and also...
5:10 AM Jun 27, 2014
Food imports increased by an average of 10 percent each year for seven years
5:10 PM Jun 26, 2014
This fruit doesn't just belong in pies
4:50 AM Jun 27, 2014
Essays are due by July 7
7:13 AM Jun 24, 2014
74-year-old Huron man raking in the awards in all distances
1:30 PM Jun 23, 2014
"The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for." Unknown So often in life, we all take things for granted that we do on a daily basis.   It is a lot of little things that truly do make the biggest difference in our lives.  Oftentimes, we don't always realize how important they are...
3:50 PM Jun 23, 2014
Any change in skin color from the sun, whether a tan or a burn, indicates skin damage
1:20 PM Jun 24, 2014
FIT Challenger Jen Gardin and I have had trouble finding the time to meet up to train together these past couple of weeks.  We both have been busy, but when we are able to, we make the most of the time we have. When we get a chance to train, our main focus is strength training. I do not want Jen to...
3:40 PM Jun 18, 2014
One of the last things my trainer, Ryan Rose at Health & Strength,  says to me at the end of each week is, "Make sure you eat good this weekend, kid." I don't know how he can tell when I do eat bad, but he pretty much knows when I do eat something I am not supposed to have or skip a meal.  ...
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