10:40 AM Mar 20, 2014
Fats are a major source of food flavoring
4:40 PM Mar 20, 2014
I never would have thought one thing I would miss when I cut meat and dairy from my diet was a tuna salad sandwich, but I do. This recipe is a good replacement for this and is a lot healthier. It can easily be made in the beginning of the week and work for a quick lunch or a great snack with...
1:10 PM Mar 20, 2014
Hi everyone! I told all of you that I hit my goal of 30 pounds by March and then I set my next goal to lose 10 more pounds by April. That would mean being down 40 pounds. So far, I am at 38 pounds lost.  The past four days I been very sick with the flu and a temp of 101. I couldn’t work out as much...
5:40 PM Mar 20, 2014
Meal is jammed with fresh veggies
12:47 PM Mar 17, 2014
It's hard to believe that it has been two months since I've started the FIT Challenge. In these two months, my life has changed on so many different levels. The different lifestyle changes have been hard to make after living a life of bad decisions. At times, it;s been a bit emotional to go through...
5:00 AM Mar 21, 2014
FIT Challenger Tim Rotsinger is way ahead of the power curve with his fitness and nutrition plan.    We tell him what to do, and he simply does it. This is not the typical behavior of most people trying to change their lifestyles.    However, Tim’s total dedication is making my life...
5:10 PM Mar 20, 2014
FIT Challenger Tim Rotsinger is learning how to change his life
10:40 AM Mar 15, 2014
Soda companies are supporting the healthy changes
1:30 PM Mar 16, 2014
Three workouts during the past week plus one boot camp. I was feeling a little defeated last week, but with my measurements and weight loss, I feel that progress is being made. With having a goal of 50 pounds to lose, my persona trainer Trevor Tieche of Bodi N Balance has me on a plan that is...
11:10 AM Mar 14, 2014
Fruits and veggies must make up half the plate
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