7:20 AM Mar 26, 2014
This past week has been exhausting! I worked out with usual equipment most of the week: TRX bands on Monday; weight class on Wednesday with my trainer Shawn Zahel; and a spin/yoga class on Thursday.  Holy cow! I was sore. The weight class was harder than I was prepared for, but I did what I could...
8:30 PM Mar 24, 2014
FIT Challenger Edie Walton has done very well this month.   She has lost inches, gotten stronger and made overall improvements to her health.    This has been a great month with Edie. We did a lot of creative, fun exercises this time around.    At the beginning of the challenge, Edie...
4:50 PM Mar 24, 2014
Timid FIT Challenger is getting used to everyone watching her
9:30 AM Mar 22, 2014
Women are at the greatest risk
4:40 PM Mar 23, 2014
Did you know that after age 25, your balance begins to decline, and that after age 65, one in three people will fall while doing normal activities of daily living? But falls can be prevented.  Muscle-strengthening and balance-retraining programs can decrease the risk of falls by 45 percent.  People...
5:10 PM Mar 23, 2014
Make sure you consult a nutritionist
2:40 PM Mar 25, 2014
There is a misconception that weight lifting is drastically different for men and women.  The media has put forth the image of ladies on steppers and guys performing countless bicep curls in the mirror. This is so far from reality. Lifting weights is the same for both sexes — the major difference...
1:20 PM Mar 22, 2014
It seems like lately, people have been popping out of the woodwork and asking how my FIT Challenge is going.  I feel like I’m disappointing them. I tell them we’re in week 8 and I have yet to lose 10 pounds.  I know I have mentioned before in my blog, that I have been told by people who know more...
12:20 PM Mar 20, 2014
Today is the first day of Spring and the races are already scheduled and awaiting your registration. Check the calendar below for a race that might fit your needs and please let me know if you have a local race that isn't on the calendar and I will add it. (werling@sanduskyregister.com) Happy...
2:40 PM Mar 19, 2014
The Village of Gibsonburg and the Gibsonburg Athletic Boosters are hosting the Golden Bear 10K Race.
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