1:00 PM Jan 28, 2014
My second week doing the FIT Challenge is going OK.  The only thing I am having a hard time with is eating the right foods.  I have been drinking more water than anything since I started with the Challenge.  With the help from my trainer Ken Cutcher of Anytime Fitnes in Huron, I am hoping...
5:20 AM Jan 29, 2014
I am very grateful for this amazing opportunity! It has been a real eye-opener! Having my pictures and measurements in the paper and online for everyone to see has put it all into a new perspective! I am very motivated and trying very hard to eat right and get the most out of my workouts. I have...
2:00 PM Feb 2, 2014
"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you." Fred DeVito The above quote popped up on my phone recently, and I absolutely loved it.  It is also very fitting for this moment in my life as well.  So far, its truly been great getting into the gym and working out.  It's nice being more active...
8:00 AM Jan 29, 2014
Cookie Monster is even cutting back
5:00 AM Jan 31, 2014
On Jan. 15, I met my new FIT contestant, Jen Gardin.   She was a little nervous about getting started, but is very enthusiastic about the opportunity that she has.   After Jen was familiarized with the equipment, she started off Day 1 by doing some cardio on her own.   I’m very...
4:40 PM Feb 2, 2014
It isn't all about your genes
4:30 PM Jan 30, 2014
My grandmother passed a few years ago and she was an amazing cook.  One of her dishes I loved and crave from time to time is her goulash. It's a simple yet comforting meal and reminds me of her. I was excited to recreate it as a vegan after I found a decent ground beef substitute.   My version of...
7:20 PM Jan 27, 2014

Wow, so here I am. 
I think we already had a great start. 
I met my personal trainer Hannah Riley of Norwalk Rec last week and worked out with her Thursday and Friday. 

6:20 PM Jan 31, 2014
Crossfit has been growing popular in gyms and with tactical personnel recently. Tactical personnel (soldiers, police, fire) are given most of the credit for the boom in Crossfit affiliated gyms in fact. Crossfit mixes Olympic lifting, power lifting, calisthenics, gymnastics, sprints, and...
4:12 AM Jan 24, 2014
Will it stop you from picking the candy bar?
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