5:20 PM Feb 13, 2014
Edie Walton says contest will 'force' her to do something for herself
11:40 AM Feb 7, 2014
Company couldn't define 'natural'
5:30 PM Feb 7, 2014
Downhill skiing is a fun winter activity as well as an Olympic sport. At any level there are training concerns to prevent injury and increase performance. A concern is that the boots used limit ankle motion. The rigid boot helps prevent ankle injuries in the boot, but can lead to knee and back...
7:40 AM Feb 8, 2014
This past week seemed to still be going OK for me.  I worked out twice with my personal trainer Hannah Riley from the Norwalk Rec, twice with my husband, Christian and did a session of circuit training with Tim Dorsey Fitness.  I've been taking Mondays off to watch my daughter Ava and my youngest...
12:30 PM Feb 9, 2014
 I am so happy I was picked for this amazing opportunity.   This past week has been good. I have been to the gym every day and had great work outs. I learned some new machines and continue to push myself a little harder every work out at NOMS. Whether it is adding more weight to a machine, extra...
10:30 AM Feb 6, 2014
Woman never smoke, was never overweight
6:00 PM Feb 10, 2014
This elegant dessert will be an easy and very good finish to a Valentine’s Day dinner that anyone can make. Compared to lots of other desserts, this one is better than most. Serve it warm. Chocolate Soufflé Makes: 2 servings Ingredients 3 tablespoons granulated sugar, divided 2 1/2 ounces...
12:20 PM Feb 8, 2014
Everything is going good with my workout. In my last blog I said I was having a hard time on what kinds of foods to eat. That is going OK, but still not 100 percent on stuff to eat for dinner and when I get off one job and have to go right to the other job. I have no time to make anything big and...
9:30 AM Feb 6, 2014
Serving sizes will be clarified
6:20 PM Feb 6, 2014
This past week, has been a little more challenging me than what I would have liked it to be with getting my food under control. I was getting confused and frustrated because when I began this challenge, I was already on Weight Watchers. Then after meeting with my trainer for the first time, he...
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