12:10 PM Feb 22, 2014
I've noticed when I don't feel good that's when my bad eating habits try to kick back in. It's like when I don't feel good, I think I deserve something that makes me instantly feel good. I really can't justify it because it eventually doesn't make me feel any better and, at times, makes me feel...
6:30 AM Feb 20, 2014
This past week started out terrible with three days of no gym due to a severe sinus infection and not being able to breathe. By Feb. 10, I couldn't take it any longer and left work sick to see the doctor. Two days later, I was back at the gym feeling much better, although I still had a hard time...
10:20 PM Feb 19, 2014
The FIT Challenge is going good for me. I am down 18 pounds since I started in mid-January. My goal is to lose 30 pounds by the middle of March and then set a new goal for myself. Last week I couldn't work out because I was in a lot of pain with my chest. I had bronchitis, By Thursday and Friday...
5:40 PM Feb 19, 2014
With pizza being one of the most popular foods in America, why not make it healthier with an easy homemade whole-wheat crust? The greatest thing about making pizza at home is you can make it exactly like you want it. This is also a great way to get kids involved. My boys love it when we make pizza...
5:19 PM Feb 19, 2014
Chicken thighs have a richer taste
2:40 PM Feb 19, 2014
This first month of the FIT Challenge has definitely been an eye-opening experience for me. I have learned a lot, not only about how to work out and eat properly, but I am learning a lot of things about myself as well. One of the things that I have really struggled with in doing this challenge is...
6:00 AM Feb 20, 2014
February is American Heart Month
5:30 AM Feb 18, 2014
I’m very excited to be a part of the FIT Challenge again. I’m especially excited to be paired with Scott Webb. He is a great guy who has tried a lot of different things in the past that just haven’t worked for him. I’m confident that we can turn that around for him and show him how to lead a...
5:50 PM Feb 16, 2014
Food struggles continue to plague FIT Challenger
11:30 AM Feb 15, 2014
Rub flank steab with cocoa
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