10:40 AM May 1, 2014
Comfort zones!  They are being wrapped up in a blanket by the fire on a cold winter's day.   
5:50 AM May 2, 2014
Healthly foods support physiological processes
12:30 PM Apr 29, 2014
Deadline to preregister is May 12
4:50 PM Apr 29, 2014
Diabetic woman from Northwest Ohio getting a service dog
8:10 AM Apr 29, 2014
Roasted cruncy exterior makes way for a tender interior
4:50 PM Apr 26, 2014
This past week was my week to start early in the morning. Up at 0445 and leave the house by 0515. In the gym warming up for my workout by 0545. Surprisingly, it has been great. I seem to have a little more energy for the day and I have been staying up later in the evening than I have been. The...
9:10 PM Apr 28, 2014
The faster that happens, the fewer people may get sick
2:10 PM Apr 28, 2014
The debate between free weights or machines is old. Ask people in the gym and you will get various answers. Which is better? It depends on their application and your goals. Machines are good at isolating motion and offer safety for the inexperienced exerciser. These two positives are also their...
5:10 PM Apr 28, 2014
This past week was a great workout week!  Now that some of my muscles have a tolerance, they get sore, but only that night or the next morning.  This past week, my husband Christian had me do a crazy leg workout that I felt most of the week.  We'll just say that the squat machine and I have a...
8:40 AM Apr 25, 2014
Fiber gap is most alarming
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