Tanner Hisey's had a summer he'll long remember. He shot an Osceola turkey on a Florida hunting trip, and he cascaded over the Jurassic Park waterfall at Universal Studios in Orlando. This past week, he relaxed on a Michigan fishing trip with his dad, Dave, and little sister, Siera.
1:33 AM Aug 8, 2010
One year ago today, she drew her last raspy breath. Snuggled in her parent's bed, surrounded by older sisters Abby and Amanda, brother Ethan, and parents Warren and Wendy, she chose a quiet moment just before dawn to slip away. It was the end of her battle with brain cancer, a battle that consumed nearly a third of her young life.
1:41 AM Aug 7, 2010
CLYDE Ohio Environmental Protection Agency officials posted the results of a year-long analysis of Clyde air quality on its website this afternoon.
9:59 AM Aug 6, 2010
CLYDE If you or a close family member were diagnosed with cancer and you live in eastern Sandusky County, health officials are asking for your help.
9:57 AM Aug 6, 2010
The tight-knit residents of Clyde and surrounding communities don't know why their most precious and vulnerable residents suffer. Since 1996, they've watched helplessly as 28 children in eastern Sandusky County sickened and three died.
9:54 AM Aug 6, 2010
SANDUSKY Transformation happens. Richard Koonce will talk about how the former Campbell and Madison schools have become the Nehemiah Center and the Spirit & Truth Ministries church, respectively.
10:16 AM Aug 4, 2010
CLYDE Concerned residents now have a place to get updates on the Clyde-Green Springs childhood cance
4:58 PM May 24, 2010
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