Heavily redacted letter sheds little light as to why Jackson never visited Clyde
3:23 PM Mar 26, 2014
Federal judge leaves opening for lawsuit.
1:45 PM Feb 12, 2014
A new law that aims to increase spending on research into pediatric disease is a good step forward, says Warren Brown, who has served as a spokesman for families hurt by the Clyde cancer cluster.
10:00 AM Nov 21, 2013
Documentary to include filming in Clyde.
1:10 PM Oct 23, 2013
Families ask new EPA secretary to fulfill predecessor’s promise.
12:50 PM Sep 14, 2013
Castalia resident says lack of magnesium to blame.
6:18 PM Jul 16, 2013
Cancer cluster families are "the faces of what's happening in your community," attorney Charles Boyk tells forum audience.
8:00 AM May 28, 2013
New tests of dust from the attics of Clyde homes produced significant and important results in the hunt for the cause of the Clyde Cancer Cluster, but more information won’t be released until further tests can be carried out, an attorney for the Clyde Cancer Cluster families said Monday.
6:30 AM Apr 9, 2013
The search goes on for the cause of a cluster of cancer cases among children in the Clyde area.
11:02 AM Jul 31, 2012
While families continue to combat childhood cancer in eastern Sandusky County, answers are still elusive. The Ohio EPA completed air, water and wildlife testing in the area and discovered no chemical or pollutant that constitutes as a smoking gun. But a new survey could shed light on the cases.
1:40 AM Aug 8, 2010


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