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Basketball diaries: Making adjustments to life in England

Fandy.com Staff • Oct 6, 2011 at 1:32 AM

Jimmy Langhurst is a 2006 Willard graduate and the area's all-time leading scorer with 2,199 points, 22nd all-time in Ohio history. After scoring 781 points at Robert Morris University, Langhurst left Labor Day weekend for the United Kingdom in hopes of landing a professional contract. He signed with the Sheffield Sharks, one of the most successful teams in the history of British basketball. Langhurst will write a weekly diary for Fandy.com about his professional hoops exploits and life in Western Europe:

I am adjusting to life over here fine ... I actually don't mind it at all, I love it here so far. It helps that the people over here speak English and the team I'm playing for has a bunch of good guys.

People here are friendly and love the American accent. Some things are the same and some things are very different -- driving on the other side of the road obviously is one of them. Crazy.

There is no dressing for salads (Mayo), they have baked beans for every meal, even breakfast, the wall outlets are very different and they use Pounds for currency and all that. The elevators are called lifts and I did the mistake of ordering a burger with chips and received fries, haha. They call chips crisps, and one big bummer: there are no banana peppers at their Subways!

I signed a contract with the Sheffield Sharks but I also need my visa still. They gave me three months here, then I need to go home during Christmas break to work on my visa papers, then come back. It will workout good because I'll be gone for a week or so, giving me plenty of time to get it taken care of.

It's awesome playing alongside Nate (Reinking) in the backcourt! Nate is from Galion back in the day and is basically the grandpa of the team. We always talk about the NOL, but it's funny sometimes because he never knows any of the name I throw out. He always tells me, 'You got to remember, I'm 37.' But we do talk about our high school and college days. It's weird to think the Sharks start two NOL guards, but I can tell you he is the man around here. Wherever we go the other fans always come up to him and talk to him, take pictures, all that. He is always the crowd favorite, even for away games. He started his career with Sheffield so he's a fan favorite. They love him here.

As for the games, we're 2-0 and I had 14 points in each game so that's good so far. My first game was unreal. Going out there with the crowd was amazing, these fans are passionate and intense, and they absolutely love the Sharks!! I got chills when they called my name out. The kids here are die-hard fans too. After every game, it's guaranteed you will sign something for the kids and take pictures. It's a great feeling, I love this atmosphere!

All is good for now. We have an away game this Friday so I'll keep you all posted ...


Langhurst can be reached via email at: jlanghurst121988@gmail.com

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