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VIDEO: Why your kids should join a bowling league

Morgan Addington-Hodge • Aug 11, 2011 at 10:27 AM

As it turns out, bowling leagues aren't just for adults. In this video, we chatted with Kathy from Star Lanes, who gives you everything you wanted to know about their youth bowling league. And in true Funcoast style, we give you our top five reasons why the kids should join a bowling league.

It's a chance for kids to make new friends.

Getting involved in extracurricular activites is a great way for kids to make friends. This is especially great if you just moved to the area, or if your kids are moving to a new school in the fall.

It gets the kids away from TV & videogames.

Normally in the summer it's super easy to get the kids away from the TV and computer — you just say, "Go outside and (insert outside activity here)!" But with the heat, humidity, weather advisories and thunderstorms this summer, it's been harder to get them out. With a bowling league you can get the kids away from the TV while still enjoying the air conditioner.

It's a chance to learn something new.

This one goes for the adult leagues, too. Sure, we all know how to get the ball down the lane, most of us without the bumpers, but this is a chance to really learn how to bowl. You can learn some technique and impress your friends next time you go to Glow and Bowl.

They have the coolest parties.

Okay, yeah, Kathy did mention this one, but it's just so cool! I mean did you hear all the cool things she mentioned? What? You didn't? Guess you better watch the video.

It's exercise disguised as fun.

It's like Manwich or V8 Fusion, except instead of a full serving of vegetables, it's disguising exercise. The American Heart Association says kids need at least 60 minutes of physical excercise a day to stay healthy. Though bowling may seem like a leisure activity, it's actually great physical activity. An hour of bowling burns about 200 calories.

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