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Your guide to gifts for dad

Funcoast • May 13, 2015 at 8:37 AM

There’s no doubt that dads tend to be the most difficult to shop for, which is why we made it easy in this trusty little breakdown. We divided dads up into “types” (granted, we couldn’t fit all of them on here, but we did our best to pick a wide range) and picked what we’ve heard were top gifts for each. So whether your dad is a proud geek or handy with a wrench, we’ve got something for him.

Geek Dad

Is your dad defined by words such as nerd, geek, computer whiz or Trekkie? Has he wished you a “Happy Binary Day” in the last two new years (01/01/1 and 01/01/11)? Maybe he’s just really into code (computer code, that is).  If so, we’ve found the perfect Father’s Day gift: a t-shirt that reads “DAD” in binary code. Plus, for those of us on a budget, the price isn’t bad, either. But shhhh! Don’t tell my dad what I got him!

• Buy it here: thinkgeek.com

Outdoorsy Dad

For a dad who loves the outdoors, we’ve got the perfect multipurpose tool that will hopefully lessen the load. The Casio PAG80-1V Pathfinder watch with a resin band does pretty much everything. It comes with Triple Sensor Technology and is loaded with cool, useful features such as a digital compass, barometer/thermometer and altimeter. It’s also solar powered (a solar panel recharges a Lithium-ion batter) for years of care-free use. (Actually, the battery lasts up to six months without sunlight exposure on a full charge.) The digital compass with duplex LCD helps you find your position and plan a route, while the barometer/thermometer helps you predict what weather lies ahead.

• Buy it here: Amazon.com

Car Expert Dad

For every son or daughter whose dad is always there to fix your car when it breaks down, this is the Father’s Day gift for you. I don’t know about everyone else out there, but the two cars I’ve had in my life have both been used, and they both loved Murphy’s Law — always breaking down at the worst of times. Since I was 16, my dad has been fixing my car for me, showing me how to refill the coolant and reattach my struts with scrap metal. Throughout all of this, he said the one tool every “mechanic” needs but never has is a torque wrench. So here it is: the Craftsman Microtork Torque Wrench from Sears. My mechanical engineer father and master electrician mother swear by Craftsman, so your dad will love them, too. As an added bonus, most Craftsman tools are made right here in the U.S.A.

• Buy it here: sears.com

New Dad

Whether he’s a first time dad or has a newborn, show some pride with this “Number One Dad” t-shirt. He’s happy, excited and proud — what better way to share the news?

• Buy it here: cafepress.com

Business Dad

The business dad probably has enough ties and socks to start his own store, so why not get him something special for his desk instead? For the younger kids, they can create a personalized picture frame (think beads, glitter, macaroni, puffy paint — anything their minds can come up with) with a picture of them inside. The older kids can get him a personalized coffee mug or paperweight, customized with a special photo or item of meaning.

• Buy it here: harmonydesigns.com (paperweight), personalcreations.com (coffee mug and other assorted items)

Fixer-Upper Dad

Most dads have a list of things they need to do around the house. Why else do you think Home Depot and Lowe’s run so many commercials featuring fathers? For the dad that’s constantly constructing, updating and fixing, the obvious choice is some sort of tool. The only problem is that they always seem to have all the tools they need. So for this dad, you might have to spend a little more. Luckily, Father’s Day means Father’s Day sales! We say this: get him a set of cordless tools with an interchangeable and rechargeable battery. It won’t totally break the bank.

• Buy it here: homedepot.com

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