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MOUJAES: End of fall sports season arrives early

AnthonyMoujaes • Nov 16, 2010 at 2:22 AM

How to pass the time the next week-and-a-half?

I didn't expect the fall sports season to end quite this early.

For the first time since 2000 and the second time since 1992, none of this area's football teams are playing in the regional championships.

Volleyball ended sooner than I thought, with Huron and St. Paul denied return trips to Dayton.

Usually there's some winter sports team that delays the start of the season because the fall sports team had such a great run. But not this November.

Last year, the St. Paul football team went all 15 weeks and ended the season Dec. 5 with a championship trophy in hand. That was the same weekend boys basketball and wrestling started, and one weekend after the start of the girls basketball campaign.

How to pass the time?

Maybe some early Christmas shopping?

I could catch up on episodes of Mad Men and Dexter.

The Buckeyes-Hawkeyes game will help take care of Saturday, and the Browns-Jaguars game will occupy Sunday afternoon.

We'll have more time to work and prep for the winter, but the end of the season is more exciting than the beginning -- unless you're the Michigan football team.

November is about state playoff runs and jaw-dropping performances.

We had some of that in the first round of the playoffs with Sandusky's nail-biting 42-35 win against state-ranked No. 2 Avon. An arguement can be made that the Blue Streaks' second-round opponent, Maple Heights, had some jaw-dropping moments in its win. But it doesn't solve the current dilemma.

How to pass the time?

Reporter Mike Truax will provide readers next week with his favorite moments from the fall.

I recall the first game of Colt McCoy's career against the Steelers. He was sacked, threw an interception, and I buried my head.

I thought the Browns would be fortuitous enough to draft Pac-10 QBs Andrew Luck or Jake Locker.

Clearly, Colt is beyond his years, and the Browns appear to have a signal caller to lead the team for the next decade.

My final rant this week goes out to ABC commentator Brent Musberger: Dear Brent, Moxie called. It would like its royalty fees from the OSU-PSU game.

FYI, I've never seen moxie throw two interceptions in the second half that both went for touchdowns.

Then again, if PSU quarterbacks=moxie, I guess I've seen moxie throw plenty of interceptions returned for touchdowns.

In addition to Devon Torrence and Travis Howard from Saturday's game, see Ohio State players Antonio Smith and Malcolm Jenkins (2006), Tyler Everett (2004), Chris Gamble (2002), Derek Ross (2001) as recent inductees this decade from the Pick-Six Club.

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