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Word of the day: gormandize

Ashley Bethard • Aug 26, 2010 at 10:46 AM

Hungry yet? Today’s word might make your stomach growl. On the other hand, it may make you uncomfortably full.

Today’s verb, pronounced “GAWR-muhn-dahyz,” means “to eat greedily or ravenously.” It evolved into a verb from the French gourmandise from the familiar gourmand. Synonyms include binge, devour, glut, gluttonize, gobble, gulp, guzzle, pig out, stuff and wolf. 

Here’s an example from “My Life and Loves” by Frank Harris and John F. Gallagher: “I have never in my life seen men gormandize to be compared with those men. And the curious thing was that as course followed course their appetite seemed to increase.”

Another use shows up in Charles Dickens’s classic Bleak House: “Charley swallows a great gulp of tea in token of submission, and so disperses the Druidical ruins that Miss Smallweed charges her not to gormandize, which, ‘in you girls,’ she observes, is disgusting.”

Lead art: Yeah, it makes us a little nauseous, too. From the blog The Warren Report.

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