4:30 PM Sep 25, 2014
Sandusky Schools employees, local police partner to keep kids safe from reckless drivers
4:27 PM Sep 25, 2014
Perkins Township fire and police respond to crash
3:43 PM Sep 25, 2014
Large plume of smoke can be seen across Sandusky Bay
3:18 PM Sep 25, 2014
Increase of 1.4 percent for EMS services only impacts those living outside township
3:12 PM Sep 25, 2014

Since September is the 25th anniversary of National Recovery Month, I thought it would be appropriate to focus on substance abuse and mental health in teenagers and adults.

3:00 PM Sep 25, 2014

The endless battle between what is right and "right is what, exactly?"

1:53 PM Sep 25, 2014
Students from Firelands Christian Academy learn about news business
1:20 PM Sep 25, 2014
Firefighters at Viewpoint apartment building; sprinker system put out fire
1:15 PM Sep 25, 2014
Fremont's Hi Society Baton Corps dazzles at Miss America pageant this month
1:00 PM Sep 25, 2014
University launches beer-making program
12:11 PM Sep 25, 2014
The Listening Room will host platinum recording artist.
12:00 PM Sep 25, 2014
When will the replacement playground equipment, that we were told was coming some time ago, be installed at Lions Park? Barb in Sandusky
11:55 AM Sep 25, 2014
Statehouse candidate named as suspect in theft case; Mulligan keeps it quiet
11:48 AM Sep 25, 2014

This is a difficult task. 

I’ve been working out a lot. 

I’ve been keeping track of every piece of food that goes into my mouth. 

11:30 AM Sep 25, 2014
Mary Murrary Bosrock to speak at The Commons of Providence this afternoon
11:00 AM Sep 25, 2014
No one thinks of divorce or death as being occasions for celebration. At times, however, there can be a little something good to come out of tragedy.
10:33 AM Sep 25, 2014
Ohioans Home Healthcare helps keep people at home
10:00 AM Sep 25, 2014
Join one of the top rated haunted houses in Ohio for their annual preview night.
9:36 AM Sep 25, 2014
At this time, county projected they'd receive about $426,000 more in sales tax money
9:00 AM Sep 25, 2014
Devote Muslim parents take children to areas controlled by religious zealots
7:30 AM Sep 25, 2014
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