12:00 PM Sep 12, 2014

The city of Sandusky's safety service leaders — police chief John Orzech and fire Chief Dave Degnan — were the guests Thursday for a special 9/11 "Between the Lines" from Washington Park.

11:38 AM Sep 12, 2014
Man had been on Lake Erie for nearly two days
11:35 AM Sep 12, 2014
Measures would deal with microcystins, sewer systems
10:29 AM Sep 12, 2014
Gets felony charge
10:12 AM Sep 12, 2014
Man claims he was shot at during endeavor
9:03 AM Sep 12, 2014
District officials field questions about possible new buildings
8:20 AM Sep 12, 2014
Ottawa County prosecutor tells newspaper keeping quiet right thing to do despite mounting complaints
8:00 AM Sep 12, 2014
Democrats, Republicans derail each others' legislation
7:30 AM Sep 12, 2014
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7:09 AM Sep 12, 2014
Week ending September 20
7:01 AM Sep 12, 2014
Escaped school shooter captured near Ohio prison
6:00 AM Sep 12, 2014
Demand should be high, but insurers reluctant to cover cost
5:57 AM Sep 12, 2014
Test results produce good news
12:19 AM Sep 12, 2014
Tigers sweep Chargers in SBC match
12:00 AM Sep 12, 2014
Most Huron residents have noticed that for many days large trucks have been delivering three large limestone rocks per trip to the location of the Huron ore docks. For several days now, we have seen these being loaded onto barges and leaving Huron pushed by a tugboat. Many people claim to know more information, but not all stories agree. What's going on here? Ron in Huron
9:54 PM Sep 11, 2014
Tequila serves in place of ice
8:00 PM Sep 11, 2014
Lawmakers push legislation to ensure pregnant women are assigned to light duty instead of unpaid leave
7:30 PM Sep 11, 2014
Fundraiser dinner Saturday will benefit Sandusky High School football star Bruce Parker, seriously injured in May motorcycle crash
6:30 PM Sep 11, 2014
City manager, superintendent to host second 'Coffee Connections' meeting this Saturday
6:00 PM Sep 11, 2014
Home maintenance neglected, but children were clean, groomed