11:59 AM Jul 8, 2014
City will be the site for the 2016 national presidential nominating convention
11:00 AM Jul 8, 2014
Compass Academy is now Sandusky Digital Academy
10:00 AM Jul 8, 2014
School, city could work together to revitalize Sandusky Bay Pavilion
9:30 AM Jul 8, 2014
Proceeds help fund classroom programs on nutririon
9:26 AM Jul 8, 2014
Big bell peppers and sweet corn at the East Perkins Avenue mainstay
9:00 AM Jul 8, 2014
Company partners with New Mexico hotel as preferred hotel for its passengers
8:30 AM Jul 8, 2014
National Matches kick off in Erie Township this week
7:30 AM Jul 8, 2014
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6:00 AM Jul 8, 2014
Education Department investing $4.2 million to help states create plans to make sure very student has effective teacher
8:00 PM Jul 7, 2014
Floods of children trying to cross border create legal and humanitarian dilemma
7:50 PM Jul 7, 2014
Huron native will oversee students in grades 6-12
7:47 PM Jul 7, 2014
Port Clinton sophomore shot 41-36—77 to win boys 14-16 age group
7:33 PM Jul 7, 2014
Summer program will host finale July 28
6:00 PM Jul 7, 2014
Victim tells pontiff 'cover-up is still happening, and you have the power to make these changes'
5:00 PM Jul 7, 2014

By Rita M. Mahler
Special to the Register

2:01 PM Jul 7, 2014
Searches of cellphones rare, according to law enforcement officials
1:00 PM Jul 7, 2014
Woman and man allegedly drive a vehicle into two parked motorcycles
1:00 PM Jul 7, 2014
Veterans of the Army's 27th Infantry Division, which endured some of the bloodiest fighting in the Pacific
12:30 PM Jul 7, 2014

During my time at the Register thus far, I’ve met a number of inspiring people, both young and old, and never know if I’d be the last one to bring their story to the world.

12:03 PM Jul 7, 2014
A worker at Sealmaster Pavement Products suffered serious injuries this morning when he was leaving work at the Campbell Street company.
12:00 PM Jul 7, 2014
Is there going to be a Perkins Schools levy on the August ballot? Hank on Columbus Avenue