9:00 AM Jul 5, 2014
Workers are educators, office workers or food service employees
7:30 AM Jul 5, 2014
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6:00 AM Jul 5, 2014
Demonstrators on both sides of the issue gathered outside a Border Patrol station about 55 miles north of San Diego
11:42 PM Jul 4, 2014
Amusement park's fireworks seen from Lyman Harbor
8:00 PM Jul 4, 2014
Authorities decline to comment on possible reasons for the attack
6:33 PM Jul 4, 2014

We had to tell a lot of people they couldn’t come with us on our U.S. 6 East Road Trip from Sandusky Bay to Cape Cod Bay. Arthur didn’t listen.

6:00 PM Jul 4, 2014
Country singer's State Theatre show highlighted by skills he's picked up working Nashville
6:00 PM Jul 4, 2014
Ate 61 hot dogs, fell short of his record last year
6:00 PM Jul 4, 2014
Tens of thousands of people left without power, no injuries or deaths reported
5:00 PM Jul 4, 2014
Two drivers found with pot in vehicles, cited for traffic violations
4:00 PM Jul 4, 2014
Sandusky teacher offers drawing class on July 17
3:00 PM Jul 4, 2014
Trash cans flipped, stone benches damaged
2:47 PM Jul 4, 2014
It's safe to drink the water
2:12 PM Jul 4, 2014
Deputies say it appears to be a heroin overdose
2:00 PM Jul 4, 2014
Expect reenactors, cannon demonstrations and other Civil War educational events at Ohio Vets Home
1:00 PM Jul 4, 2014
Elementary school day extended by 20 minutes for next school year
12:30 PM Jul 4, 2014

The following real estate transactions were the highest for the week ending June 28, in Erie, Huron and Ottawa counties.

12:00 PM Jul 4, 2014
Park president will decide in next few months whether to stay or look for new, larger location
12:00 PM Jul 4, 2014
Jason and Jeremy Stewart reeled in five large mouth bass to win last week's tournament