12:51 AM Aug 29, 2014
Huron's size too much for Perkins in SBC win
12:48 AM Aug 29, 2014
Redskins sweep three-set doubles matches to gain valuable SBC win
8:47 PM Aug 28, 2014
City council unanimously passed an ordinance in support of Waters
8:25 PM Aug 28, 2014
'It was pretty routine'
8:21 PM Aug 28, 2014
Nyman accused of stealing thousands in charitable donations
8:00 PM Aug 28, 2014
Driver back in competition after fatal crash.
7:04 PM Aug 28, 2014
Other projects took priority over replacing shelters
6:37 PM Aug 28, 2014
Cites family time as reason for split
6:14 PM Aug 28, 2014
Rate spike, first in several years, to pay for dock, utility upgrades
6:00 PM Aug 28, 2014
Bait dumping offers invaders path to Great lakes
4:35 PM Aug 28, 2014
If approved, a 3.98-mill, 34-year bond issue on the Nov. 4 ballot, called "Building Better Dreams," would fund the largest construction initiative in Sandusky Schools history.
4:16 PM Aug 28, 2014

Register managing editor and "between the Lines" host Matt Westerhold took the plunge Thursday during (watch) a special on the road BTL at the Sandusky Library.

3:58 PM Aug 28, 2014
Courses run through Oct. 10-12
3:28 PM Aug 28, 2014
Injury accident on Bayshore Road
3:00 PM Aug 28, 2014

You tiny little life forms

You precious little life forms

Where are you?


2:57 PM Aug 28, 2014
Health officials say Sunrise Point has taken little action
2:02 PM Aug 28, 2014
City commissioners approve legislation to better regulate, enforce donation boxes
1:01 PM Aug 28, 2014
Health department reacts to water advisory for Pelee Island
1:00 PM Aug 28, 2014
Pooches with separation anxiety may bark, howl, whine or destroy something
12:26 PM Aug 28, 2014

Hello readers, this past week has been better. 

The pain of my rib injury had subsided greatly by the time my doctor ordered an Xray, so I decided not to spend the money on it.