8:18 PM Aug 18, 2014
A Cleveland councilman says a program aimed at reducing the number of cats roaming city streets will start next year
8:03 PM Aug 18, 2014
View photos from tonight's event
8:00 PM Aug 18, 2014
A half-dozen right-flank candidates beaten back
7:20 PM Aug 18, 2014
Sandusky students end a short summer off with their first day of school
6:00 PM Aug 18, 2014
Judge decides to issue summons for Perry to appear in court
5:22 PM Aug 18, 2014
Kings Island said 1,821 people on Saturday applied lipstick at the same time
4:45 PM Aug 18, 2014
Fall season kicks off Aug. 27
4:45 PM Aug 18, 2014
Mia Famiglia's Uptown Cafe offering good food, good portions
3:10 PM Aug 18, 2014
Combine the ice cream, sherbet and orange soda into a heavenly dessert
2:49 PM Aug 18, 2014

Sandusky City Schools went back to classes Monday. Other schools will soon follow suit if they haven’t already. 

As much as I hate to see summer end, especially one that flew by at warp speed, I always like the beginning of the school year. 

2:45 PM Aug 18, 2014
No injuries in blaze
2:33 PM Aug 18, 2014

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out" ~ Unknown

This past week has been eventful.

On Monday, I beat the rowing machine after my poor performance the previous Wednesday, of that I was proud.

2:19 PM Aug 18, 2014
People living in the country illegally are not allowed to get coverage
2:18 PM Aug 18, 2014
Two fire departments on scene of blaze
1:30 PM Aug 18, 2014
Who won the Big Splash Raffle this past weekend? Jen in Perkins Township
1:23 PM Aug 18, 2014
Essex, 65, who died this past Monday after battle with cancer, remembered
1:17 PM Aug 18, 2014

How great to see the Sandusky community enjoying “Elvis in the Park” (Sandusky Register, Aug. 8).

What a wonderful way to spend a less busy Thursday evening — in the beautiful Washington Park of downtown Sandusky. It is truly a showplace.

1:05 PM Aug 18, 2014
Chief Orzech responds to vacationer’s report of daylight drug deals
1:00 PM Aug 18, 2014
Rent-stabilied tenants must use different entrance, have more amenities than market-rate neighbors