9:00 AM Jul 15, 2014
Settlement amount represents about half of company's profits last year
8:37 AM Jul 15, 2014
Mayor, police chief refuse to answer questions from Village Council about investigations
8:13 AM Jul 15, 2014
Sentenced today
6:00 AM Jul 15, 2014
Police said Lawrence Campbell ambushed 23-year-old officer on Sunday at a drugstore and was killed when officers returned fire
3:00 AM Jul 15, 2014
Notre Dame legend married Kenton native at Sts. Peter and Paul church on Columbus Ave.
11:39 PM Jul 14, 2014
Converted to closer, Vermilion graduate is an All-Star selection this season with Pittsburgh's Triple-A affiliate
9:30 PM Jul 14, 2014
Blast Bucyrus at Tiffin regional; face Galion today at Heidelberg University
8:58 PM Jul 14, 2014
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge hosts program
8:00 PM Jul 14, 2014
USDA finds expired disinfectants, flawed security, germs transferred between labs in Ziploc bags
6:00 PM Jul 14, 2014
Former POW given desk job, will be questioned by investigators
4:40 PM Jul 14, 2014
It's July already! When did this happen? I am sad that the FIT Challenge is almost over :( However, I am happy with my progress so far. I have been blessed with having NOMS Fitness Center for my gym and most of all, Shawn Zahel, as my trainer. He knows when I need an extra push or when to let me...
3:33 PM Jul 14, 2014
Volunteers work together in happy project for the children
3:10 PM Jul 14, 2014
I have spent the past six months getting to know Scott Webb.    During this time I have seen someone who was a little negative and lacking confidence turn himself around.    Scott first came to the gym not really knowing what to do.    Now he has taken control of his mindset, his body...
2:43 PM Jul 14, 2014

It's usually a good thing when success causes a business to outgrow its facilities and need to expand. 

2:00 PM Jul 14, 2014

About a week ago, I took my own advice and tried one of the movie offerings on Hoopla Digital, the new streaming service for movies, music, TV shows and audiobooks Sandusky Library

1:50 PM Jul 14, 2014
City of Sandusky, Erie MetroParks team up for summer archery class
1:25 PM Jul 14, 2014

After making an all-time high early Monday morning, cattle prices reversed sharply lower as cattlemen began bringing cattle to the market to capture record high prices. Meanwhile, traders cashed in on huge profits, after riding the market higher for months.

1:05 PM Jul 14, 2014
Police alleged they struck women
1:00 PM Jul 14, 2014
Charity assists about 6,000 people annually through food pantry and other services