Tires bulge.

The front end sets up higher.

Sometimes the truck even oscillates.

5:45 AM Apr 22, 2015
[UPDATED WITH RESULTS] Annual Rotary fundraiser held at Erie County Fairgrounds
10:29 PM Apr 21, 2015
Blue Streak runners fare well on windy day at Strobel Field
10:28 PM Apr 21, 2015
Faculty vs students in basketball
10:08 PM Apr 21, 2015
Road closed for Tuesday due to tree removal
9:48 PM Apr 21, 2015
Lara Kelley's music and entertainment career touches many mediums of media music and entertainment
9:10 PM Apr 21, 2015
Council could spend upward of $400K on smoothing out bumpy corridors
9:08 PM Apr 21, 2015
If they meet requirements, policy may still let some seniors opt out of 1 class
8:45 PM Apr 21, 2015
Man charged with felonious assault and aggravated menacing
8:10 PM Apr 21, 2015
Justice Department taking control of whistleblower lawsuit against HCR ManorCare
8:00 PM Apr 21, 2015
A recently completed survey by a nonprofit revealed the almost 13,000 or so individual city parcels are mostly in tiptop shape
7:56 PM Apr 21, 2015
Projects call for replacing bridge, reinforcing road
7:00 PM Apr 21, 2015