How many times do smokers need to read and/or hear that smoking is dangerous to their health and that secondhand smoke is just as dangerous to non smokers? I can understand the complications of the ban at the Ohio Veterans Home. After all, that is "home" to those veterans residents. I view that as being the same as if they are renting or owning a house.
12:13 PM Mar 1, 2011
"You've got mail" is more like "you've got spam" these days in e-mail in-boxes. Offers for prescription medication, trips to the Bahamas and junk stock tips are just a few examples. But are those tips junk?
12:11 PM Mar 1, 2011
PERKINS TWP. Perkins Local Schools Board of Education has changed its meeting time Monday Jan. 29 from 6:30 a.m. to 7 a.m. The board will meet to discuss levy issues, the fitness trail and other business that may come before the board.
12:09 PM Mar 1, 2011
Paradoxical pacifist
12:09 PM Mar 1, 2011
The hypocrisy! The Groton Township trustees stood to lead the audience in the pledge of allegiance...with liberty and justice for all. And then they proceeded to vote to overturn the will of Groton voters. There was no liberty and justice that night.
12:09 PM Mar 1, 2011
At this time of year many of us mourn all those babies whose lives were snuffed out via abortion and, thus, our society has been robbed of all the love, talents, skills uniqueness that their lives would have offered us. Over 35 million babies have been murdered since 1973, which is more than deaths from all the wars put together.
12:08 PM Mar 1, 2011
I was in a local small family operated store (that shall remain nameless) recently. The family was discussing business being down, actually bad lately. They were talking about all the people that are shopping at the malls and at Meijer and Wal-Mart. Now they had to deal with Kohl's and Target also.
12:07 PM Mar 1, 2011
Congratulations to Debbie Bingham and Marie McHale on the founding and operating of the Lunchbox for the past 23 years.
12:06 PM Mar 1, 2011
SANDUSKY City commission meets tonight where discussion about the city's new chief planner and tearing down the Keller Building are expected to come up. The agenda is light, but the 2007 budget, and then ongoing negotiations will be discussed in executive session. Read more in Tuesday's Register.
12:05 PM Mar 1, 2011
Gravelle mystery I have many questions concerning the Gravelle children. Has anyone heard how they are? Facts are when a child is placed, for whatever reason, into different homes, the rejections sets in and life is never same. These children had severe backgrounds, that were being helped and stable, getting better, through the family life at the Gravelle home.
12:05 PM Mar 1, 2011
For the second time in the past few years, columnist Jonah Goldberg has played the slickest bit of propaganda I've seen in a long time. After the first one I wrote to Don Lee explaining the nature of what Goldberg did. Subsequent conversations gave me the impression Mr. Lee just didn't get it.
12:03 PM Mar 1, 2011
One of the classic films about politics is "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington." The message of the 1939 film is that one person can make a difference.
12:02 PM Mar 1, 2011
My family had 15 lights on our Christmas tree. No, not 15 strings of lights, a single string with 15 bulbs. It was one of those old strings of two brownish insulated wires loosely twined between black Bakelite sockets for those large teardrop-shaped bulbs in crayon colors. Some of you know what I mean.
12:02 PM Mar 1, 2011
I heard you say we can still win in Iraq, that we're just beginning a conflict of ideology and that you have a responsibility to the Iraqi mothers and fathers. As an American, I have to disagree. Democracy cannot be procured in Iraq. Thomas Jefferson realized true democracy could not flourish without a separation of church and state. In Iraq, the church is the state.
12:02 PM Mar 1, 2011
I want to applaud Ms. Whitacre and Ms. Kern for coming forth with their concerns for the children of Huron County and how they are being protected by the Huron County Children's Service.
12:00 PM Mar 1, 2011