If all your friends jumped into a pool of ice-cold water, would you do it? Unfortunately, yes I would.

11:01 AM Jan 28, 2013
A convicted child killer will remain behind bars after the parole board denied his release earlier this month.
10:40 AM Jan 28, 2013
It sounds, at first, like a bold, next-generation solution: personalizing guns with technology that keeps them from firing if they ever get into the wrong hands.
9:01 AM Jan 28, 2013
Ohio motorists will see higher gas prices to start the work week.
8:13 AM Jan 28, 2013

Excerpt from the editorial Viewpoint in today's Register: Voters approved a fire levy in November, but the operations levy supplements the police department, highway and roads and nearly every other part of government services. There's plenty of time between now and the

8:03 AM Jan 28, 2013
Chinese New Year is the sort of new year celebration I love.
6:49 AM Jan 28, 2013
She raises her hands to her snow-white hair in a gesture of frustrated bewilderment, then slowly lowers them to cover eyes filling with tears. The woman, in her 70s, is trying to explain how she wound up in a shelter that could well be where she spends the rest of her life.
6:01 AM Jan 28, 2013
A former Huron firefighter who resigned when he was criminally charged in 2010 is mired in controversy at his new Colorado job as fire chief.
5:02 AM Jan 28, 2013
Two Oak Harbor children, ages 10 and 4, were seriously injured Sunday afternoon in a two-vehicle crash along U.S. 20 in Ridgefield Township, Huron County.
11:07 PM Jan 27, 2013
A Lorain woman suffered non-life threatening injuries Sunday afternoon when her car was hit by a Norfolk Southern train.
10:54 PM Jan 27, 2013
Perkins Township officials are expected to review options for reducing the township's spending at a special meeting Monday.
10:44 PM Jan 27, 2013
More than 20 area officials returned to school earlier this month, enrolling in a course designed to build better government.
3:03 PM Jan 27, 2013
President Barack Obama wants former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray to stay on as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
1:22 PM Jan 27, 2013
Driver was allegedly texting before impact with motorcycle
1:00 PM Jan 27, 2013