Lottery officials say 10 tickets sold in Ohio for the latest Mega Millions drawing are worth $250,000 each, though they fell short of winning the record-breaking $640 million jackpot. The ten auto-pick tickets matched the five regular numbers but missed the Mega Ball number in Friday's drawing for the multistate game.
10:51 AM Apr 2, 2012
One group of Christians who deviated from their normal place of worship Sunday said they felt a renewed sense of faith in gathering somewhere new.
10:49 AM Apr 2, 2012
Cedar Point's new leader wants to keep the energy coursing through visitors' veins night and day.
11:36 PM Apr 1, 2012
A Huron woman who stole from two local churches has been ordered to pay damages and restitution to both congregations.
11:36 PM Apr 1, 2012
11:23 PM Apr 1, 2012
Maryland lottery officials announced early Saturday that their state sold what could become the world's largest lottery payout of all-time, but it wasn't immediately clear if that ticket holder would get sole possession of the $640 million jackpot or have to split it with other winners.
11:20 PM Apr 1, 2012
While New York regulators have spent four years mulling the environmental impacts of shale gas development, the potential human health impacts have been given short shrift, according to health advocates.
9:00 AM Apr 1, 2012
The city's 2012 budget puts spending in the red by $353,000, with most of the deficit spending going to the police department. City commissioners approved the budget March 26 after briefly discussing it. Manpower increases for the police department account for more than one-third of the increase, despite a recommendation last year that the department is overstaffed.
8:13 AM Apr 1, 2012