The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning along the Huron River through Sunday afternoon. Forecasts are calling for off-and-on rain showers Saturday, with heavier rainfall turning to snow Saturday night.
9:00 AM Mar 7, 2011
A nationwide program that targets fugitives accused of nonviolent crimes and allows them to safely surrender at churches has been eliminated by the U.S. Marshals Service because it didn't fit the service's mission of catching violent fugitives, a spokesman said.
7:08 AM Mar 7, 2011
As winter inches toward a close, local school officials hope calamity days are through for the year, too.
2:16 PM Mar 6, 2011
A wintry mix of snow, ice and wind has made the roads a bit more hazarous in the local area.
1:12 PM Mar 6, 2011
The fighter plane pierced through the night sky, tearing a path to a U.S. military base in Columbus.
1:07 PM Mar 6, 2011
The Ohio wrestling community has been waiting for this moment for five years now, and on Saturday night, three high-schoolers from Monroeville made it happen.
11:26 AM Mar 6, 2011
The national Humane Society is threatening to launch a new petition drive to impose tough new livestock care standards on Ohio farmers.
11:08 AM Mar 6, 2011
Reuben Kent and Keith Ortman spent the past week undoing about seven hours of damage. They're still not finished.
9:10 AM Mar 6, 2011
The luck of the Irish returned to a popular downtown establishment.
6:07 AM Mar 6, 2011
At least 7 feet of water poured into the McGinn's East Elm Street basement Tuesday, but this time, they were prepared.
3:24 AM Mar 6, 2011
In 1979, two men argued over ownership of a dog on North Depot Street, and one pulled out a rifle to shoot the other.
4:09 PM Mar 5, 2011
Childhood obesity is on the rise, which is worrisome for parents, doctors and schools.
2:11 PM Mar 5, 2011
Friday afternoon, Beth Schnellinger waved a package of cookies in front of kindergartners at Pleasant Elementary School.
2:07 PM Mar 5, 2011
According to the Huron County Engineer's Office, the following roads are still closed from this week's flooding:
1:07 PM Mar 5, 2011
Ear infections, a scourge that has left countless tots screaming through the night, have fallen dramatically, and some researchers suggest a decline in smoking by parents might be part of the reason.
10:07 AM Mar 5, 2011