A Wisconsin judge ruled Thursday the state's divisive new collective bargaining law was not in effect - a clear warning to Republican Gov. Scott Walker's administration that it risks sanctions should it continue with its preparations to begin deducting money from public employees' paychecks.
10:53 AM Mar 31, 2011
Over the past two months, little has changed to end the deadlock between U.S. Tsubaki's corporate leaders and roughly 100 rank-and-file employees who are members of the Machinists union.
10:34 AM Mar 31, 2011
A bill that would ban texting for drivers in Ohio has cleared a state legislative panel.
9:51 AM Mar 31, 2011
A local tattoo parlor is offering people a way to commemorate Sandusky police Officer Andrew Dunn for the rest of their lives.
6:07 AM Mar 31, 2011
The Berlin-Milan school board will interview six candidates in their search for the district's next superintendent.
5:07 AM Mar 31, 2011
(UPDATED AT 5:21 P.M.) The pilot of a small plane that crashed into a city park in southern Michigan, killing him and two employees on board, was the owner of an auto-parts manufacturing business and had been licensed to fly for years, his brother said.
5:19 PM Mar 30, 2011
Americans are growing increasingly pessimistic about the economy as soaring gas costs strain already-tight budgets. So far, people aren't taking it out on President Barack Obama.
4:18 PM Mar 30, 2011
The Freedom Institute, a local Tea Party group, is hosting "Finding Common Ground,' a meeting on "the future of conservatism' that's scheduled April 9 in Sandusky.
3:56 PM Mar 30, 2011
Q: Hi Jason. Why does Sandusky Register stop the comments online so quickly on certain stories?? For example, the Randleman story on Tuesday night got cut off after 69 comments (I think) and now you cannot reply. - Thanks, Dave on Miller Road.
12:26 PM Mar 30, 2011
(UPDATED AT 11:15 A.M.) The Federal Aviation Administration may allow the Huron County Airport to close temporarily to accommodate events at the neighboring raceway.
11:12 AM Mar 30, 2011
James Gallagher will serve 10 years in prison for photographing teen boys in the nude.
11:01 AM Mar 30, 2011
Presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty is planning to give a keynote address during a visit to northeast Ohio, a highly contested swing state in presidential politics.
10:49 AM Mar 30, 2011
Texas investment banker Geoffrey Raynor is finally getting the special meeting he wanted - a powwow for all Cedar Fair investors.
10:44 AM Mar 30, 2011
A Clyde man was charged with four counts of rape involving a 5-year-old girl he knew, Sandusky County prosecutors said.
10:28 AM Mar 30, 2011
Call it a promotion without the raise. Bellevue's only full-time detective has been given additional duties while the police department copes with a staff shortage.
5:07 AM Mar 30, 2011