Erie County’s annual hunt for marijuana left local law enforcement officers jonesing for more on Tuesday.
4:20 PM Aug 28, 2013
If you gathered up all the people who attended this year’s Erie County Fair, you could almost pack Progressive Field for a Cleveland Indians home game.
4:03 PM Aug 28, 2013
Construction workers and Huron officials kicked it into high gear this summer to debut the city’s newest public recreational asset.
2:33 PM Aug 28, 2013
Two new rides, upgrades to Camp Snoopy and Hotel Breakers are planned.
1:57 PM Aug 28, 2013

If my son's reaction to Cedar Point's announcement is any sign of what to expect from the park, things are looking good for kids in 2014.

1:39 PM Aug 28, 2013
Watch and listen to Dr. Martin Luther King's speech at the March on Washington in 1963.
1:31 PM Aug 28, 2013
Districts that rejected the program say reimbursement was not enough to offset losses from students who began avoiding the lunch line
1:00 PM Aug 28, 2013
Like a relief pitcher successfully working out of a bases-loaded jam, volunteers began saving a rundown — albeit popular — inner-city youth baseball field.
1:00 PM Aug 28, 2013
Authorities report a jump in the number of methamphetamine labs seized this year, and state officials attribute much of the increase to the cheap cost and ease of making the drug.
12:30 PM Aug 28, 2013
Local residents commemorate anniversary of MLK speech.
12:14 PM Aug 28, 2013
Peaches, perch, pierogies and polka, oh my!
12:11 PM Aug 28, 2013
During the War of 1812, when British “Redcoats” invaded Ohio, the British invaders carried guns and were hostile to the new nation and the brand-new state.
12:10 PM Aug 28, 2013
Volunteer opportunities in the Sandusky area.
11:50 AM Aug 28, 2013
Possible X-file includes possible UFO, radio interference
11:31 AM Aug 28, 2013

Nerds unite! Wearable tech is the next best thing.

11:00 AM Aug 28, 2013