Mosquito control officials in the Florida Keys are waiting for the federal government to sign off on an experiment that would release hundreds of thousands of genetically modified mosquitoes to reduce the risk of dengue fever in the tourist town of Key West.
6:01 AM Dec 9, 2012
Newly released information shows social workers and at least one neighbor voiced concerns about the welfare of children in a Vermilion Township home months, even years, before an 18-month-old child died of starvation.
5:00 AM Dec 9, 2012
Pot may be legal, but workers may want to check with their boss first before they grab the pipe or joint during off hours.
3:00 PM Dec 8, 2012
It’s a tale of two women in one township. Perkins police gave one a ride home, the other a ride to jail. The difference? The first was a Perkins cop, the second was an average person.  
1:00 PM Dec 8, 2012
The Ohio Supreme Court has upheld a state law that keeps a utility from earning excessive profits.
11:13 AM Dec 8, 2012
If you want your child to attend the well-regarded schools in the Perkins Schools district, you may have to move into the district.
9:01 AM Dec 8, 2012
No snow boots needed in Milwaukee. Chicago commuters aren't dodging knee-deep snow drifts frozen along city sidewalks. And children in Des Moines are settling for ice shavings dumped from a Zamboni.
9:01 AM Dec 8, 2012
Taking money collected on gasoline sales by the state's updated business tax and spending it on anything but highway-related programs unconstitutional, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled Friday as it accepted arguments that the tax is wrongly diverting $140 million annually from fuel sales to non-roadwork accounts for schools and cities.
6:03 AM Dec 8, 2012
Sometimes a history buff is the only barrier standing between a relic of history and oblivion.
5:09 AM Dec 8, 2012
Ohio stopped enforcing regulations against precious metals dealers on Thursday under orders from a federal judge, prompting the state commerce director to urge caution among consumers buying or selling gold and silver.
8:06 PM Dec 7, 2012
More than 2,000 people at Pearl Harbor and many more around the country are marking the 71st anniversary of the Japanese attack that killed thousands of people and launched the United States into World War II.
6:01 PM Dec 7, 2012