Federal officials say they've compiled a list of possible methods for preventing Asian carp and other invasive species from migrating between the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins.
9:30 PM Dec 21, 2011
White Castle, a 90-year-old hamburger chain known for its square "slider" burgers, is sipping on the idea of offering alcoholic beverages as it tests beer and wine sales at a restaurant in Indiana.
7:20 PM Dec 21, 2011
An Oklahoma City company is recalling 875 pounds of turkey filets that are mislabeled as center cut steaks.
6:09 PM Dec 21, 2011
A 30-year-old Danbury Township man has been taken by medical helicopter to Toledo after he accidentally shot himself in the left shoulder early Wednesday afternoon.
5:07 PM Dec 21, 2011
Ohio's governor has signed into law a bill to prohibit abortion coverage by health plans operating in the new insurance exchanges that were laid out in the federal health care overhaul.
4:43 PM Dec 21, 2011
Two men were injured early Wednesday afternoon when a 2011 Isuzu straight truck failed to stop at a stop sign and collided with a semi-truck in Seneca Township.
4:04 PM Dec 21, 2011
Beginning Monday, Columbia Gas will be installing a new gas line across Cleveland Road between Dietrich Street and Harbour Parkway. Cleveland Road will be reduced to one lane while the project is under way, causing possible delays.
11:58 AM Dec 21, 2011
A 24-year-old accused of raping a family friend has been sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison.
11:57 AM Dec 21, 2011
House and Senate leaders traded demands Wednesday but remained mired in a bitter holiday-season stalemate that is threatening 160 million workers with Jan. 1 tax increases and millions of the long-term unemployed with an end to their benefits.
11:36 AM Dec 21, 2011
(UPDATED WITH 911 AUDIO) A 52-year-old Townsend Township man credits his 12-year-old daughter for making him put batteries in his smoke detector after the alarm alerted him to a quickly spreading fire.
11:04 AM Dec 21, 2011