Huron County deputies paired with state officials Thursday to seize 100 marijuana plants and one person.
4:20 PM Aug 31, 2013
Police arrested a 15-year-old Sandusky girl Thursday evening for fighting, although she later kicked an officer and spit on him during a brawl at the Erie County Juvenile Justice Center, a police report said.
2:33 PM Aug 31, 2013
Days of finding a quarter under your pillow are long gone. The Tooth Fairy no longer leaves loose change.
1:00 PM Aug 31, 2013
Breathing is one of the main components to sustaining life, yet it can be taken for granted if you are not afflicted with a malady. Illness aside, many people can display poor breathing patterns that have developed over time. The two breathing patterns that are typically displayed are diaphragmatic...
11:40 AM Aug 31, 2013
Facility will help athletes, along with anyone else who suffers sudden blow to the head or body
9:38 AM Aug 31, 2013
A Bardshar Road resident returned home Tuesday morning to a backyard bovine pool party.
9:35 AM Aug 31, 2013
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9:19 AM Aug 31, 2013
The Standard & Poor's 500 index closed August with a loss of 3.1 percent while the Dow Jones industrial average lost 4.4 percent.
9:00 AM Aug 31, 2013
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7:30 AM Aug 31, 2013
Yosemite getting some relief as almost a third of the huge forest fire burning in and around the national park was contained Friday but smoke descending down into San Joaquin Valley cities was becoming a problem.
6:00 AM Aug 31, 2013
Local Holistic Health Educator, practitioner and Green Passion Journeys director Linda Green, BA, RPP, RPE, is leading a group trip to Mt Shasta, CA, this October.
5:10 AM Aug 31, 2013
Perkins and Huron took to the court Thursday for a Sandusky Bay Conference volleyball match.
11:30 PM Aug 30, 2013
Georgia man convicted, alongside mother
8:00 PM Aug 30, 2013