Third-party candidates Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode are blips in the presidential race. They have little money, aren't on stage for presidential debates and barely register in the polls — when survey takers even bother to list them as options.
6:00 AM Oct 7, 2012
Do the right thing. This mantra has been a guiding principal for O.E. Meyer, a Sandusky-based business whose success dates back to 1918, when the Meyer family first unveiled it as a welding supply shop.
5:01 AM Oct 7, 2012

Excerpt from editorial Viewpoint in the Sunday Register: If President Obama, U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur and U.S.

4:47 AM Oct 7, 2012
A federal appeals court has reinstated in-person early voting in battleground Ohio on the final three days before Election Day, returning discretion to local boards of elections.
3:00 PM Oct 6, 2012
A soured plan for revenge has landed a 30-year-old Sandusky man in prison for at least the next two decades.
1:30 PM Oct 6, 2012
Police in Orem, Utah, say a man who thought he was getting a call from a burglar had actually gotten a call from his dog.
10:44 AM Oct 6, 2012
If he can behave for another few days, a Perkins man convicted of assaulting a nurse in June will be off the hook.
9:00 AM Oct 6, 2012
A basic chicken soup is fine for when you need warmth and comfort. But what about those particularly blustery fall evenings when fine isn't sufficient?
8:00 AM Oct 6, 2012
Soaring high above the ocean, tethered to a boat, a parasail ride is at once exhilarating and peaceful, even quiet. But every year, there are accidents.
5:45 AM Oct 6, 2012
Independent Erie County commissioner candidate Dick Brady has blasted the incumbent he’s challenging, labeling him a dishonest man whose irresponsible fiscal planning led to a massive debt that’s suffocating taxpayers.
3:30 AM Oct 6, 2012
Muslims in the Toledo area are planning a show of solidarity after an arson fire damaged a landmark mosque.
7:45 PM Oct 5, 2012