Don't you love priorities?

4:48 PM Oct 8, 2013
An Ohio appeals court has ruled that a Kelleys Island property owner won’t collect more than $1.5 million for damage to property he bought for $8,000.
4:44 PM Oct 8, 2013
The Sierra Club is campaigning against energy provider FirstEnergy in response to the company’s push to change state energy-efficiency rules.
3:46 PM Oct 8, 2013
Go beyond eating them with some of our ideas below.
3:33 PM Oct 8, 2013
Huron and St. Paul made jumps in their respective divisions in the latest state volleyball poll.
3:10 PM Oct 8, 2013

A reader asked about closing a deal in the business world:

3:00 PM Oct 8, 2013
A Norwalk man was cited for operating a vehicle under the influence after a rollover crash Sunday evening.
2:41 PM Oct 8, 2013
A wanted man led Sandusky police on a foot chase Monday morning, just moments after a nearby resident reported a home break-in.
2:35 PM Oct 8, 2013
Every year, prescription painkiller overdoses kill more Ohioans than overdoses of heroin.
2:30 PM Oct 8, 2013


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Sandusky Police


October 6, 2013

1:30 PM Oct 8, 2013
Grantville, Ga., fell into ruins after cotton mill left
1:00 PM Oct 8, 2013
Curiosity piqued, students at Haugland Learning Center peered through the cellophane covering bundles of gifts Monday afternoon to see what was inside.
12:12 PM Oct 8, 2013

It is the season for the elected officials to state they will listen to the people because the citizens are at the top of the organization chart.  I guess we have all been there before and listened to the same old speeches.

12:11 PM Oct 8, 2013
A Cincinnati police officer was arrested Monday on allegations of receiving nude photographs of a 17-year-old girl taking part in a department program for teens interested in becoming police officers, authorities said.
11:27 AM Oct 8, 2013