SANDUSKY One of eight pending civillawsuits was cleaned off the plate of retired neurologist Dr. Moh
According toa recent letter writer, I am a deviant, have no moral values, no virtue and have nothing good to offer society. I disagr
Thumbs UP for the plan by the National Park Service to ensure the survival of the Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial.
After having the unfortunate opportunity of reading in the paper, and seeing our local State Patrol Post become a blemish in our com
My son, Chad Rothgeb, was one of the victims in a brutal stabbing attack in Berlin Heights in November. I am totally in shock over h
PERKINS TWP. Concord Care and Rehabilitation Center could pay more than $4,000 as penalty for a
SANDUSKY Jim Miller has been packed for weeks now, but he's not looking forward to his trip.
SANDUSKY Fallout continues from the KKK prank at the Sandusky post
PERKINS TWP. A source inside the Perkins Township Police Department confirmed Thursday Police Chief
COLUMBUS State Rep. Matt Barrett resigned in disgrace Thursday at the request of the Ohio House of R
The report by CBS News that Gov. Bob Taft and the Bush Administration interceded to scale back a health study of the area surroundin
PORT CLINTON Ottawa County assistant prosecutor Lorrain Croy said a victim's mother "pimped out
I was disappointed by the Register's editorial viewpoint "thumbs down" regarding Kevin Zeiher's selection by the Erie Coun
We want to acknowledge everyone who came to our benefit, worked and donate April 13. You're the best! I will never fo
Only a bigot would find mugging before a camera as a Klansman terrorist funny! That goes for the so-called comedian on whose questio
I do not understand your "thumbs down" for the Erie County Democratic Party selecting Kevin Zeiher to sit on the board of
In regard to the April 6 article in the Sandusky Register: "For $100 and the right words, this could be yours": To th
I would like to applaud Kathleen Parker's April 15 column describing the bravery of Pope Benedict XVI. Parker not onl
Sandusky police Chief Kim Nuesse vowed Thursday to continue fighting the allegations that led to her being placed on paid administra
Democrats pressed ahead with budget plans to saddle millions of Americans with higher tax bills in three years by allowing George Bu