Friday afternoon, Beth Schnellinger waved a package of cookies in front of kindergartners at Pleasant Elementary School.
2:07 PM Mar 5, 2011
According to the Huron County Engineer's Office, the following roads are still closed from this week's flooding:
1:07 PM Mar 5, 2011
Ear infections, a scourge that has left countless tots screaming through the night, have fallen dramatically, and some researchers suggest a decline in smoking by parents might be part of the reason.
10:07 AM Mar 5, 2011
Sandusky police are trying to figure out if anyone got nailed.
8:07 AM Mar 5, 2011
Union members and U.S. Tsubaki employers are still tangled up in a bargaining dispute.
7:07 AM Mar 5, 2011
Sandusky police arrested a 34-year-old Sandusky woman late Thursday night for hitting her ex-boyfriend in the head with an aquarium rock.
12:55 AM Mar 5, 2011
(UPDATED AT 10:11 A.M.) Employers hired in February at the fastest pace in almost a year and the unemployment rate fell to 8.9 percent - a nearly two-year low.
4:27 PM Mar 4, 2011
(UPDATED AT 4:19 P.M.) A recovering economy brought Ohio's 11th straight month of falling unemployment and its biggest monthly increase in hiring in more than a decade, officials said Friday as a state report paralleled a decrease in unemployment nationwide.
4:18 PM Mar 4, 2011
That reprieve in NFL labor negotiations will last another week.
3:35 PM Mar 4, 2011
Q: Hi Jason. Do you have any recent news about the U.S. Tsubaki strike? Is the plant currently in operation with replacement workers? Thanks for your time. - Rick on Bardshar Road
3:13 PM Mar 4, 2011

Perkins Police Chief Ken Klamar was our guest for this week's edition of Between the Lines.

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1:13 PM Mar 4, 2011

They say that photos of celebrities help drive traffic to Web sites, so I've put a picture of a celebrity at the top of this blog post.

12:28 PM Mar 4, 2011
A noticeable absence in the Erie County clerk of courts office has some public officials scratching their heads.
12:24 PM Mar 4, 2011
An unknown assailant reportedly assaulted and robbed a man who was walking down East Monroe Street early Thursday morning.
12:03 PM Mar 4, 2011
Police arrested a man accused of leaving photos at Walmart of partially nude photographs of himself dressed in women's clothing with his genitals exposed.
10:26 AM Mar 4, 2011