Defense lawyers in the trial of seven Michigan militia members want a mistrial, claiming they should have been given details about the past work of an FBI agent who infiltrated the group.
2:06 PM Mar 21, 2012
The following ships are scheduled to dock in Sandusky.
2:03 PM Mar 21, 2012
Q: Had a question concerning why it seems when I call a city department I always get voicemail?
12:09 PM Mar 21, 2012
Local blogger Lindsay Deering, who writes about her struggle to cope with losing one baby while taking care of his surviving twin, checks in with a new post about her physical recovery from childbirth.
11:49 AM Mar 21, 2012
A Sandusky police officer was placed on paid administrative leave Tuesday evening pending an investigation into an incident Saturday where he taunted a man who pulled a gun on him during on off-duty confrontation near Columbus Avenue, according to a police report.
11:38 AM Mar 21, 2012
A boulder that broke free form a hillside in southeast Ohio has crushed two vehicles, damaged a house, knocked down utility poles and damaged an underground water line.
10:49 AM Mar 21, 2012
State transportation officials are seeking public input on improvements planned for Milan Road intersections at Perkins Avenue and Strub Road.
10:41 AM Mar 21, 2012
Two Sandusky police officers caught up in a sexting scandal both lawyered up when Erie County Sheriff's deputies came knocking.
10:38 AM Mar 21, 2012
Ohio Gov. John Kasich has signed an executive order to create a taskforce aimed at expanding job opportunities for the developmentally disabled.
7:00 AM Mar 21, 2012
Ohio leads the nation in property insurance claims for the theft of copper and other metals, an industry-supported organization that fights insurance fraud says.
6:24 PM Mar 20, 2012
The International Space Station may provide the setting for a 500-day pretend trip to Mars in another few years.
4:31 PM Mar 20, 2012
Hang on to your wallet Sandusky - gas prices are spiking across the area to $3.99 per gallon.
3:31 PM Mar 20, 2012

When I asked Midnight Moon Metaphysical Shoppe owner Donna Bretz if it was true she is shutting down, she put it to me gently.

Midnight Moon "is not going to be in a physical location," Bretz said Tuesday.

2:23 PM Mar 20, 2012