Welcome to The NFL Lockout.
2:07 PM Mar 13, 2011
A former BGSU Firelands professor will be cleared of weapons charges as long as he stays out of trouble for the next two years.
12:07 PM Mar 13, 2011
Shantae Collins pounded her fingers into a computer keyboard thousands of times during college.
10:07 AM Mar 13, 2011
Build it, and thousands will come.
9:07 AM Mar 13, 2011
The Boals family is living proof of the importance of teaching young children what to do in an emergency.
8:07 AM Mar 13, 2011
Inside the troubled nuclear power plant, officials knew the risks were high when they decided to vent radioactive steam from a severely overheated reactor vessel. They knew a hydrogen explosion could occur, and it did. The decision still trumped the worst-case alternative -- total nuclear meltdown.
8:07 AM Mar 13, 2011
Tom Sommers' midlife crisis didn't come with a Ferrari -- it was more like a gaping hole.
1:08 PM Mar 12, 2011
If a tree falls in Groton Township, does it affect the price of oil? If oil executives hear about it, probably.
11:07 AM Mar 12, 2011
NFL labor talks broke down just hours before the latest contract extension expired Friday. The union decertified, and players including Tom Brady and Peyton Manning sued the league, putting the country's most popular sport on a path to its first work stoppage since 1987.
10:07 AM Mar 12, 2011
A Milan Township man was charged Friday with animal cruelty for shooting his neighbor's cat, Erie County Sheriff's deputies said.
8:07 AM Mar 12, 2011
The warnings traveled quickly across the Pacific in the middle of the night: An 8.9-magnitude earthquake in Japan spawned a deadly tsunami, and it was racing east Friday as fast as a jetliner.
1:45 AM Mar 12, 2011
(UPDATED AT 7:52 P.M.) A ferocious tsunami unleashed by Japan's largest earthquake ever slammed into its eastern coast Friday, killing hundreds of people as it carried away ships, cars and homes and triggered widespread and uncontrolled fires.
7:51 PM Mar 11, 2011
Half a world away, Ohio's network of seismic recording machines detected the magnitude 8.9 earthquake that devastated Japan early Friday.
6:04 PM Mar 11, 2011
Sandusky police arrested two men and seized 10 grams of crack cocaine, four grams of powder cocaine, liquid morphine, a digital scale and $1,400 cash.
3:52 PM Mar 11, 2011
Paul Ricci has reached the top rung of his personal fire ladder - Sandusky officials have chosen him as the city's new fire chief.
3:39 PM Mar 11, 2011