Three sixth-grade students are indefinitely suspended after the trio's hit list came to light.
4:16 PM Dec 6, 2011
Ford Motor Co.'s $128 million investment at a northeast Ohio plant will protect its nearly 2,000 jobs while shifting medium-duty truck production from Mexico, the automaker said Tuesday.
3:15 PM Dec 6, 2011
Two members of the Ohio House of Representatives are bringing legislators to the Sandusky area for a special meeting to consider the impact of Lake Erie's algal bloom.
2:47 PM Dec 6, 2011
The home where a serial killer dumped the remains of the 11 women he murdered was torn apart Tuesday by a demolition crew, a move that neighbors and victims' relatives said would help bring closure and stop gawkers from seeking out what some have dubbed a "house of horrors."
2:30 PM Dec 6, 2011
Need a little holiday cheer on this dreary Tuesday? Check out this video of some jolly little elves dancing in Norwalk.
2:30 PM Dec 6, 2011
A mother who had been denied welfare benefits killed herself and shot her two children after a seven-hour standoff at a government social services office, police said.
1:40 PM Dec 6, 2011

Things are going OK. I know that I won't hit my goal of 100 pounds, which is why I didn't want to set a goal. I am down nearly 90 pounds, though.

I'm still working out as much as I can, but again, work is getting in the way with both working out and my school work.

1:04 PM Dec 6, 2011
The Ohio State Highway Patrol is trying to drive home some safety practices before motorists hit icy roads this winter.
12:51 PM Dec 6, 2011

(Blogger's Note: I asked some of my favorite writers and several friends to contribute to this look back at books they read, and recommend, in 2011. In the end, I had to stop asking people for contributions and go ahead and publish, but please add your own recommendations in the comments.)

11:54 AM Dec 6, 2011
A nuclear reactor in Ohio is running again, less than two months after cracks were discovered in the plant's concrete shell.
11:11 AM Dec 6, 2011
Lawmakers and Ohio companies will set up booths in the Statehouse on Tuesday to encourage Ohioans to buy from companies headquartered in the state this holiday season.
10:37 AM Dec 6, 2011
Clerks at two local gas stations weren't duped by callers who claimed to be managers in need of money for vendors and equipment.
10:26 AM Dec 6, 2011
Looking for new ways to save money, leaders at the Sandusky, Perkins and Huron school districts are thinking about merging transportation services. The consolidation of food service programs, too, might also be on the table.
9:00 AM Dec 6, 2011