The Cleveland Indians swept the Boston Red Sox with a 1-0 win Thursday afternoon, improving the team's record to 4-2. The victory moved the Indians into first place in the AL Central Division.
4:40 PM Apr 7, 2011
Q: Jason, Can you help me out? Our neighbor died a month ago and he has left several cats that are causing problems. I know they are hungry and soon there will be kittens. The Humane Society turned me down. - Kate from Patten Tract Road
2:03 PM Apr 7, 2011
The mother of Miami Heat basketball star LeBron James was arrested by Miami Beach police after she reportedly assaulted a valet worker because it was taking too long to have her car delivered.
1:15 PM Apr 7, 2011
The state agency in Ohio that administers Medicaid, welfare and food stamps says it doesn't expect any immediate disruptions to the federally supported programs if there is a government shutdown.
9:08 AM Apr 7, 2011
Ohio congressman and U.S. House Speaker John Boehner has agreed to speak to Ohio State University graduates and their families at this year's spring commencement.
9:03 AM Apr 7, 2011
Ed Dangler, Cedar Point's director of maintenance and construction, is leading the charge to get the park's new ride, WindSeeker, ready for the May 14 opening.
8:43 AM Apr 7, 2011
If the federal government runs out of money and shuts down, the postman will still show up in Sandusky and local Border Patrol agents will continue patrolling their beats.
8:09 AM Apr 7, 2011
A Clyde girl was sentenced Tuesday to 90 days in the Sandusky County Juvenile Detention Center for vehicular homicide.
7:07 AM Apr 7, 2011
The Obama administration warned Wednesday that a federal shutdown would undermine the economic recovery, delay pay to U.S. troops fighting in three wars, slow the processing of tax returns and limit small business loans and government-backed mortgages during peak home buying season.
5:07 AM Apr 7, 2011
Police say a Sandusky woman dumped her cat on Monroe Street, then ran it over with her vehicle.
4:07 AM Apr 7, 2011
(UPDATED AT 4:05 P.M.) Tattoo artist Robin H.M. and tattoo buff Jeff Garton hope to set a new world record. All they have to do is make a marathon tattooing session last at least 48 hours and 16 minutes.
4:48 PM Apr 6, 2011
J Bistro, the popular Italian restaurant once located on Milan Road, continues to make progress as it prepares to move downtown.
4:42 PM Apr 6, 2011
About 51 percent of poll respondents said they didn't support Senate Bill 5, which Gov. John Kasich signed into law last week.
4:32 PM Apr 6, 2011
Spurred by a new law that curtails collective bargaining rights for public workers, Democratic lawmakers in Ohio are proposing legislation that would allow voters to recall the governor and members of the General Assembly.
3:37 PM Apr 6, 2011

Sandusky city commission candidate Jeff Smith was our guest on this week's Between the Lines program.

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2:56 PM Apr 6, 2011