Watch the final 30 minutes of the meeting when conversations became heated.
1:07 PM Apr 5, 2013
We asked Brass Pelican Bartender, Tina Gilbert, a few questions about their Readers’ Choice Award win.
11:30 AM Apr 5, 2013

This week on the Genealogy Northwest Ohio blog, a perspective on the reliability of birth, death and U.S. Census records.

The most accurate — birth. The least — death. Why?

11:00 AM Apr 5, 2013
College coursework offered at SHS bring students 'right back where (they) started from.'
10:00 AM Apr 5, 2013

The Plain Dealer says it will continue putting out a paper seven days a week, but will only have home delivery three days a week, starting in the "late summer." 

9:03 AM Apr 5, 2013
Invasive species reaches north
9:00 AM Apr 5, 2013


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8:30 AM Apr 5, 2013

Excerpt: Billions of Christians around the world celebrated Easter last Sunday, but not our media.

Once again the holiest day of the Christian year slipped under their godless radar.

7:30 AM Apr 5, 2013
Get history every day in the Register.
6:30 AM Apr 5, 2013
Roger Ebert had the most-watched thumb in Hollywood.
6:00 AM Apr 5, 2013
OAK HARBOR — Wields knives and a big stick.
5:30 AM Apr 5, 2013
No raises and few new terms but bargaining team hopes short-term deal results in better benefits as ObamaCare goes forward
5:00 AM Apr 5, 2013
Report says Ohio judges and courts are violating U.S. and state constitution sending people to jail for not paying fines.
5:03 PM Apr 4, 2013