As reporters we go out in bad weather when others hunker down. Floods, tornados or snowstorms -- we're there.
8:08 AM Feb 28, 2011
Perhaps appropriately for a Sunday competition, gospel music was a big winner at the Firelands Idol competition at Edison High School.
7:07 AM Feb 28, 2011
In a March public forum, the Erie County Humane Society board hopes to quash rumors of rampant euthanasia and quell other community concerns stemming from former director Amy Porter's mid-February termination.
5:07 AM Feb 28, 2011
Pat Saunders prided himself on teaching his students the importance of free speech.
5:07 PM Feb 27, 2011
Sandusky Central Catholic School could have $3 million in donations coming its way thanks to a boost an alumnus has given to the school's fundraising campaign.
3:07 PM Feb 27, 2011
Gas prices are rising -- and nobody knows when the upward trend will stop.
1:07 PM Feb 27, 2011
When Jim Molnar thinks of the Huron County Airport in its prime, he recalls pilots gathering to play cards and fisherman flocking to the ponds.
11:07 AM Feb 27, 2011
Protests over collective bargaining in Ohio expanded Saturday to include private sector unions and environmentalists, while Republicans considering changes to the bill said opponents put forth no ideas for improving the measure.
9:07 AM Feb 27, 2011
The Erie County Humane Society board recently fired Amy Porter from the director's spot.
7:07 AM Feb 27, 2011
The city of Sandusky is party to 25 pending lawsuits.
2:08 PM Feb 26, 2011
A national program that helped people stretch their food dollars has gone out of business, but a similar service has stepped in to fill the void.
1:08 PM Feb 26, 2011
The Obama administration froze assets of the Libyan government, leader Moammar Gadhafi and four of his children Friday, just hours after it closed the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli and evacuated its remaining staff.
12:41 PM Feb 26, 2011
Sandusky police arrested a 38-year-old Sandusky man on a myriad of charges after he hit a parked car and failed to stop for officers.
8:07 AM Feb 26, 2011
Snow fell in sheets of white, sometimes accumulating as much as 2 inches an hour.
7:07 AM Feb 26, 2011