Hundreds gathered in northern Ohio over the weekend to raise awareness of animal abuse, inspired by a severely abused and neglected dog named Herbie.
3:16 PM Feb 4, 2013
Revamped standards may soon make it a little tougher for teachers to get good grades.
2:05 PM Feb 4, 2013
Ohio's three largest cities are enjoying downtown booms after years of effort and a combined investment of about $10 billion — booms that officials say could help boost Ohio's overall economic development.
1:04 PM Feb 4, 2013
Prices at Ohio gas pumps are higher this week.
11:33 AM Feb 4, 2013
Vote for your favorites for the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards.
11:01 AM Feb 4, 2013
A 53-year-old Tiffin man died late Sunday afternoon in a crash along Ohio 53 and County Road 6 in Seneca Township, just south of Tiffin.
10:13 AM Feb 4, 2013
The crew members aboard the USS Underwood could see through their night goggles what was happening on the fleeing go-fast boat: Someone was dumping bales.
9:10 AM Feb 4, 2013
Perkins Schools will officially kick off the effort to sway voters for two May tax levies and a new school building with a public meeting Wednesday.
8:00 AM Feb 4, 2013
You can call it a peppercorn all you like, but the peppery ingredient that puts the buzz in Sichuan-style cooking actually isn't one.
6:52 AM Feb 4, 2013
City leaders in Cincinnati and a power company have agreed to let a judge decide who should have to pay roughly $15 million to move underground gas and electrical lines for a controversial and costly streetcar project in Ohio's third-largest city.
6:01 AM Feb 4, 2013
Sandusky's Second Baptist Church is second to none in its impact on local history.
5:00 AM Feb 4, 2013
Winter weather advisory
4:35 AM Feb 4, 2013
Punxsutawney Phil, Buckeye Chuck predit an early spring on Groundhog Day
2:00 PM Feb 3, 2013
While a blimp hovers not too far in the distance, circling over tens of thousands of Super Bowl revelers, Christopher Weaver looks around at the neighborhood where he was born and raised and almost died.
1:01 PM Feb 3, 2013