(UPDATED AT 8:58 A.M.) Japan deployed military helicopters, high-pressure water cannons and fire trucks Thursday in an increasingly desperate attempt to cool an overheated nuclear complex and avoid a nuclear meltdown.
3:28 PM Mar 17, 2011
Of 400 people who weighed in on the issue, the majority believe the Huron County Airport should temporarily close its runway to accommodate traffic for the nearby raceway, the airport's president said.
12:08 PM Mar 17, 2011
Erie County clerk of courts Barb Johnson has returned to work, with every intention to complete her term.
12:04 PM Mar 17, 2011
Judy Nagy, Sandusky's recreation program supervisor, was fired Wednesday for poor job performance, about 11 months after she was appointed to the position.
10:07 AM Mar 17, 2011
A Vermilion man has been charged with felonious assault after admitting he didn't tell several sexual partners he's HIV positive.
8:46 AM Mar 17, 2011
Ohio has moved closer to joining neighboring states in the debate over natural gas drilling, a shift that could bring jobs and more money along with worries over the impact on drinking water and the environment.
7:07 AM Mar 17, 2011
Ottawa County Common Pleas Court Judge Bruce Winters may soon have up to 60 defense motions to consider in the murder trial of William J. Liske.
2:03 AM Mar 17, 2011
An armed man robbed the Best Budget Inn on Cleveland Road late Wednesday, making off with an undisclosed amount of cash.
12:32 AM Mar 17, 2011
Due to a water main break, the Huron Water Department has issued a boil alert for residents located on the north and south sides of Cleveland Road West from Rye Beach Road to Canterbury Drive. The boil alert is in place at least until noon Thursday, police said. Check back for updates.
11:01 PM Mar 16, 2011
Ohio's House speaker says he hopes to have a collective bargaining bill passed by his chamber and to the governor's desk by early April.
6:17 PM Mar 16, 2011

Drew Carey is being touted as a possible Republican senator. He just has to get over his dislike of Republicans, and deal with the fact that Republican voters don't like him.

5:58 PM Mar 16, 2011
It's still not clear how Gov. Kasich plans to fill Ohio's $8.6 billion shortfall. According to administration figures, spending falls from $120.3 million in Strickland's last budget to $119.5 million - a savings of only $800,000.
2:50 PM Mar 16, 2011

Erie County Economic Development Corporation director Peter Zaehringer was our guest for this week's program.

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2:11 PM Mar 16, 2011
The Erie County Humane Society, which fired former executive director Amy Porter on Feb. 9, has begun advertising for a new director.
2:00 PM Mar 16, 2011