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7:30 AM Jul 6, 2013


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Sandusky Police


7:00 AM Jul 6, 2013
Martin, Zimmerman mothers each claim 911 recording of someone screaming for help is voice of own son
6:00 AM Jul 6, 2013
Firework seems to have detonated prematurely in its mortar, knocking over a row of others on the platform, police still investigating
8:00 PM Jul 5, 2013
Myers used phone in general store, made purchases at counter where his mug shot was displayed before a customer tackled him, ending a daylong search in a matter of minutes
6:00 PM Jul 5, 2013

Crude explodes over $102 per barrel

4:00 PM Jul 5, 2013
Carousel created by Philadelphia's D.C. Muller & Brother is one of only two D.C. Muller carousels left in the entire country — the other is the 1912 Midway Carousel in the Cedar Point Amusement Park
1:00 PM Jul 5, 2013


The following real estate transactions were the highest for the week ending June 29, in Ottawa, Erie and Huron counties. For a full listing of real estate transactions, pick up a copy of Sunday's Register.

12:00 PM Jul 5, 2013

This week on master herbalist Mary Colvin's Herbal Collections blog, she delves into the history of Elecampane, an Old World herb once used as part of  nine ingredients in the formula to protect against witchcraft.

11:21 AM Jul 5, 2013
Supreme Court says Congress can rewrite Voting Rights Act, but GOP path isn't clear
9:00 AM Jul 5, 2013
Get History every day in the Register
7:28 AM Jul 5, 2013
Bolivia's President believes the rerouting of his plane over suspicions Snowden was on board was a plot by the U.S. to intimidate him and other Latin American leaders
6:00 AM Jul 5, 2013
Competitive eating champ sets new record in Coney Island contest
8:00 PM Jul 4, 2013