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7:30 AM Apr 2, 2013

My blog headline refers to Warren Harding, U.S. president from 1921 to 1923 and the publisher of an Ohio newspaper, the Marion Star, before he moved into the White House. Two of my colleagues here at the Register have been Marion Star alums.

5:06 PM Apr 1, 2013
A new restaurant has opened on the corner of Cleveland road and Sycamore line. Funcoast stopped by to check it out and snag some photos.
4:00 PM Apr 1, 2013

Cedar Fair keeping all other amusement parks. Border stops to replace parking booths at causeway and chaussee entrances.

2:15 PM Apr 1, 2013

Excerpt from Monday's local editorial in the Register: It happens too often. It happens daily. 

It's still disturbing when we read news articles like one published last week in the Register about "Liza," who waited 14 months before the man she accused of rape was arrested. 

2:00 PM Apr 1, 2013
Suspects in vehicle deny knowing each other
12:30 PM Apr 1, 2013
“We do not have additional revenue to support this capital project,” city manager Nicole Ard recently told commissioners. “Ordinarily, I would not suggest additional debt, but we need to do something.”
10:30 AM Apr 1, 2013
Erie County Sheriff’s deputies on Friday arrested a 27-year-old man who allegedly attacked his ex-girlfriend. He said he can't leave her alone because he 'loves her.'
10:00 AM Apr 1, 2013
Vacation is important. There have actually been studies done that say travel is beneficial to your health. It reduces stress and burnout, increases energy and immunity and helps foster successful relationships. Sounds like we all should be taking more vacation time, huh? Vacation to me means a road...
9:42 AM Apr 1, 2013

Excerpt from Monday's Chuck Hoefert column: In Tribe Town, “Wait until next year” is the year Indian fans have been waiting for since Cleveland started preparing to defend the last World Series Championship they won back, way, way, way back in 1948. 

9:30 AM Apr 1, 2013
Baseball openers feature Strasburg, rivalries, AL vs NL
9:00 AM Apr 1, 2013
Fire breaks out as police arrest four in raid on suspected drug den at apartment complex
8:44 AM Apr 1, 2013

Always carry protection

Erie County sheriff
Saturday, March 30, 2013
1:43 a.m. — 7500 block Wahl Road, Vickery, theft of wallet that contained birth control and papers.

8:30 AM Apr 1, 2013
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7:30 AM Apr 1, 2013