Sam Jeremay broke his back, neck, knee and skull in a crash in which the other driving was texting someone. Allison Priess, another driver, killed someone. On Thursday, Jeremay, Priess and other speakers warned students of the distracted-driving dangers.
4:18 PM Apr 8, 2011
Q: Jason, What happened with the motion filed by city officials to have the old American Crayon building demolished? - Scott from Rockwell Street
11:10 AM Apr 8, 2011
In addition to the city's first public beach that has already been completed, Lions Park will unveil a new splash pad, playground areas, basketball courts and restrooms by Sept. 1.
10:11 AM Apr 8, 2011

Nothing new to report this week. Had four good workouts. We did legs,chest and back, and I also played basketball on Wednesday the 30th.

10:08 AM Apr 8, 2011
When Norwalk Schools started talks last spring about re-grouping the elementary schools by grade level, the focus was on improving education.
9:07 AM Apr 8, 2011
In Perkins Township, it's haul for one and one for all.
7:08 AM Apr 8, 2011
Army Pvt. Jason Sparks spent much of his life near the highway that runs through his hometown.
6:07 AM Apr 8, 2011
At least in name, Officer Andrew Dunn will continue to serve the city, in particular cadets at Sandusky Career Center's police academy.
12:24 AM Apr 8, 2011
From community fundraisers to survivor benefits, slain Sandusky police Officer Andrew Dunn's family is getting help from a variety of places.
10:11 PM Apr 7, 2011

Kevin Drum, a Mother Jones blogger, is ordinarily a reliable leftist.
But when President Obama wanted to bomb Libya -- without bothering to
ask Congress first -- Drum was OK with it:

5:10 PM Apr 7, 2011
The Cleveland Indians swept the Boston Red Sox with a 1-0 win Thursday afternoon, improving the team's record to 4-2. The victory moved the Indians into first place in the AL Central Division.
4:40 PM Apr 7, 2011
Q: Jason, Can you help me out? Our neighbor died a month ago and he has left several cats that are causing problems. I know they are hungry and soon there will be kittens. The Humane Society turned me down. - Kate from Patten Tract Road
2:03 PM Apr 7, 2011
The mother of Miami Heat basketball star LeBron James was arrested by Miami Beach police after she reportedly assaulted a valet worker because it was taking too long to have her car delivered.
1:15 PM Apr 7, 2011