(UPDATED AT 9:48 P.M.) As thousands of protesters kept watch, an Ohio state Senate panel considered whether to ban all public workers in the state from striking and subject them to fines and possible jail time for participating in walkouts.
9:47 PM Mar 1, 2011
Indians starter Carlos Carrasco pitched two scoreless innings and combined with four relievers on a two-hitter, as Cleveland beat the Dodgers 2-1.
8:43 PM Mar 1, 2011


Well, I didn't know such a positive event in the Keegan Family's lives could possibly cause confrontation among our readers or at least one that is.

7:28 PM Mar 1, 2011

This week could have been better. I only worked out once at the gym and that was on Monday the 21st.

7:27 PM Mar 1, 2011
Sheriff's deputies arrested a Sandusky woman for driving drunk with her two children in the car early Sunday morning, officials said.
5:39 PM Mar 1, 2011
The Sandusky Fire Department will host a press conference at 2 p.m. today to discuss the results of an ICMA analysis on the department's efficiencies and inefficiencies.
4:14 PM Mar 1, 2011
SANDUSKY Cedar Fair Entertainment Co. finished 2006 in good financial shape.
3:12 PM Mar 1, 2011
SANDUSKY City residents won't have to pitch in for the relocation of the municipal building. At least that's what City Manager Mike Will has been working toward. It's also what Sandusky City Commission wants, Will said Thursday.
3:12 PM Mar 1, 2011

I still like Romeo Crennel.

I think one day he'll make a fine NFL head coach.

I'd like to point out Bill Belichick and Mike Shanahan -- both surefire Hall of Famers -- each were fired in their first stint as head coach, and each looked a little overwhelmed during those tenures.

3:07 PM Mar 1, 2011
It wasn't supposed to apply to their clubs and state homes, they say When veterans voted in favor of a smoking ban in November, the state health department said the law didn't apply to their private clubs.
3:06 PM Mar 1, 2011

In my last post (lo' those many weeks ago) I referred to this as the area's only local TV station. But is it? What I mean is, now that broadband penetration has made video online possible, have we/will we simply move TV onto the internet? In form, I mean. Are we just moving TV coverage online?

3:06 PM Mar 1, 2011

Since getting the new video player, we've been trying to use the video in two ways. Part of that is the spirit of experimentation, part of it is that the nice thing about the web site is that it is so flexible.

2:59 PM Mar 1, 2011
Sir Wendlin and Rockin' Eve just want to help their owners take care of clients. But the small dogs cause big trouble if they are spotted in the hair salons. The State Board of Cosmetology does not allow pets in the salon unless it's as service dog -- a policy that has come under fire and is now being reviewed.
2:54 PM Mar 1, 2011
The Erie County Care Facility has received a family satisfaction score that's above the statewide average, earning the Huron nursing home additional revenue from Ohio's Medicaid reimbursement system. The score also puts the nursing home among the top third in Ohio, said Steve Mould, director of public affairs for the Ohio Health Care Association.
2:54 PM Mar 1, 2011
NORWALK Recent floods have caused an uncomfortable feeling to settle over Huron and Erie counties when forecasters predict rain. Huron County officials decided Thursday to build bridges between agencies and create a plan for managing storm water that will be as beneficial upstream as downstream.
2:53 PM Mar 1, 2011